What is wrong with kids today?

As I mentioned before, hubby was working "part-time" at a kiosk out at the mall selling cell phones in addition to his main job as a supervisor at UPS.

Well I guess another guy he works with at UPS also works a part-time job out at the mall as well, but on the other end, and told hubby about an incident that occurred Saturday evening.

At one end of the mall is a Bergners and by the lower level store entrance are a ton of photography displays by local photographers that are known for doing weddings and high school senior photos.

Well the guy told my husband that towards the end of the evening this kid walks up to one of the photo displays, pulls down his pants, whips out his penis and starts jerkin' it in front of the photos - right there in the mall!

I guess a woman saw him first and immediately came to the guy hubby works with and explained it to them and they called security, who came as soon as they told them what the situation was.

Security walks up to the kid, has him pull his pants up, cuffs him and hauls him off.

The kid's 17 and why did he do it?

"I made a bet with my friends."


So because of this "bet" his friends put him up to, the kid is now banned from the mall, got arrested and charged with indecent exposure, his parents had to come bail him out, and we're sure there was a fine involved too!

Are kids really that stupid today or desperate for attention they go to such measures that have lifelong consequences? I mean this kid now has a record for indecent exposure and a ban from the mall because he gave into pressure from his friends - I wonder if he had stopped to think about the consequences if he still would have given in and done it.

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  1. Yeah, kids nowadays are crazy. Maybe, it's because of the stuff they see on tv and on the internet. They behave indifferently and that is disturbing. They tend to forget the consequences of their actions could affect their future.


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