Music Shuffle Monday (4.5.10)

http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.pngBefore we begin this week, I thought I'd share that I recently acquired a "new" iPod!

Hubby recently got a Droid that comes with a 16g micro-SD card and didn't see the need for his black 30g video iPod anymore, as he only has about 6g of music and would rotate out his movies on it. I learned he was thinking of selling it to an employee of his for $50 but was like "Wait! I have 6g Mini with a crack in the screen - your 30g is only like 2-3 years old! I have at least 10g's of music... can I have it?" So he said I could.

Using his iPod, we were also able to finally get all my music off my laptop and onto our desktop, so it's all in one place (combined we have almost 18g's of music, which I took the time to go through iTunes and clean it all up).

I'll still be keeping the icon of my classic blue iPod mini for this blog though and since it's so old, we'll probably just pass it onto a future child, as it still works just fine, serves its purpose as a basic mp3 player and I really doubt little kids can fill up a 6g mp3 player!

1. "Tonight" by Staind
To be completely honest, I don't remember this song. It's off Staind's 3rd "major-label" album "14 Shades of Grey" which was a weird album to begin with. I say this, because the first single - Price to Play - was pretty heavy, but the rest of the album was pretty soft and mellow and featured a lot more acoustics that we were used to from their previous albums. Listening to this song though, it's not bad. I recall seeing Staind live once, while promoting this album. Not the best concert I've been to... while they do have some fun "heavy" songs, they paired them with waaaaay too many "slower" songs and the audience kept losing interest. Having 1 song where the audience pulls out the lighters and sways is fine, having 3 in a row... no. You know it's bad when people stop moshing at a rock show and you're more interested in the conversations the people around you are having than the band onstage.

2. "Harry Truman" by Mindless Self Indulgence
As mentioned, I recently got a new iPod and this is one of those songs/albums I put on there that I hadn't really listened to before. I like MSI though - their stuff is upbeat and heavy and sometimes funny.

3. "A New Momentum" by Chevelle
This song is off Chevelle's latest album, "Sci-Fi Crimes." A lot of the songs on this album are completely open to interpretation. When asked what the lead single "Jars" was about, the band honestly had no clue! If you've liked Chevelle's previous albums though you'll probably enjoy this one just as much, as it's just more of the same.

4. "Ex's and Oh's" by Atreyu
Another "later" song by Atreyu. I like that they don't have nearly the same amount of "scream-o" in their songs nowadays that they did when they were first starting out. This song has a little, but you can still understand him and it doesn't really sound like he's puking into the mic so much!

5. "With or Without You" by U2
This is one of those songs that I have loved since who knows when! Really though, who DOESN'T like this song? It's also one of the few songs I can actually play part of the bassline of on my bass. I'll admit, I'm not a HUGE U2 fan, but I do like some of their songs and have a few of their CDs ("The Joshua Tree", "Achtung Baby", "Pop", and "All That You Can't Leave Behind"). I think the album this song is from, The Joshua Tree, is actually one of their best and a must-have for any music collection.

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