Music Shuffle Monday (04.19.10)

1. "Baby's Got a Temper" by The Prodigyhttp://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png
I remember this "last" Prodigy song (have they had anything since?!) came out my first year in college and the guy I dated at the time had it. First time I ever saw or heard them was on some awards show (not sure if it was the Grammys or the AMAs) and they performed from outside with their painted and makeup on, huge spikey mohawks... these guys looked pretty badass! I was intrigued.Prodigy was one of those bands I didn't get into until later, as I bought "Fat of the Land" used while in college (and I swear one of my roommates about wore out track #9 - "Climbatize" as she'd always put it on REPEAT while drinking). Prodigy was one of those bands that would mix electronics with rock instruments and the results were pretty good. They were from the UK, as well as similar industrial band Pitchshifter (seriously, I dare you to listen to the 2 and TRY to tell the difference!)

2. "Donnie" by Ace of Base
I was a HUGE Ace of Base fan in the 90s. Not only did I buy "The Sign" and "The Bridge" on both cassette AND CD, but I'd also buy the CD singles too and even had an import of the "Lucky Love" single that I spent like $20 on at Best Buy when in Jr. High! This song is off their 3rd album, Cruel Summer - their last album together (aside from the Greatest Hits album) as Malin (the blonde) had a bit of a breakdown and didn't want to perform anymore (just like their previous Swedish pop predecessor ABBA!).

3. "Musta Been Wrong" by Saliva
This is off their first album, Every Six Seconds, before they felt the need to introduce themselves on every album since. To be honest, I don't know too much about this song, as I only know the singles off this album and this wasn't one of them. Saliva's a decent rock band though (when they're not singing about how they're back!), so I'd suggest checkin' em out!

4. "Like a Prayer" by Madonna
Probably one of my favorite Madonna songs (and no, I'm not a big fan or anything), but there's just something about this one that I really like - I think it's the catchy lyrics and the danceable beat. As a kid, I really didn't get this song - I honestly thought it was a Christian song and couldn't understand why my mom was horrified when I submitted my "top 5" to the local top 40 radio station and they played it and this was on it - I mean the music video was in a church with a choir and there were crosses! Ah, innocence...

5. "Night Terrors" by Static-X
Static-X is probably one of my favorite bands EVER. I've been a fan ever since I heard "Love Dump" one dark rainy night on the radio while driving across town almost 10 years ago. This is off their 4th studio album Start a War which was one of several albums I rotated in my car's CD player the summer of 2005. Something about Wayne Static and the heaviness of the music... iono but I LOVE it.

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