Decisions, decisions

As I've mentioned, my husband's been working part-time at a Verizon kiosk out at the mall, selling cell phones. It's not so much we need the income from this 2nd job of his, it's just that 1) he's paranoid about money and being able to provide and having a "buffer" is important to him and 2) he was getting bored during the daytime hours and wanted to find something to do during the late morning/early afternoon hours to fill his time so he could stop donating plasma twice a week, as it tires him out for the entire rest of the day on the days he goes. We figured he'd find something that was maybe 20hrs a week or so.

Well, his brother got him the hook-up for this job and despite him telling them he only wanted to work 3 or 4 days a week, they put him on for 5. And then, after a good first month, they started talking to him about management, even though he told them in the interview he probably wasn't interested, as they don't offer benefits and he already has a "main" job that pays salary and offers benefits. So they start prepping him to be an assistant manager at this kiosk, having him open when the manager can't and then fill in for the manager on his day off (basically, he became the "unofficial" assistant manager), saying that if their location hit x-amount of lines for the month, they'd give it to him. Well needless to say, they had a slow month the next month and he didn't get it, despite them still having him work as if he were the assistant.

 Well, being that it's a cell phone company, all his money is made on commissions

The first half of this month he literally made $0, as business out at the mall has been that slow. And it's not that he wasn't trying - he had 1/3 of all the lines they had last month. So, frustrated at working over 40 hrs a week and not making anything (last month he made a total of $3/hr!), he quit. Ironically, the day he decided to quit, they start talking about moving him to one of the actual store locations the kiosk is affiliated with. Again though, he was getting tired of working all these hours and not even breaking minimum wage! He also gave his resume to a local temp agency who set him up with an interview today with one of the car rental companies in town, where he would be working mornings at $10/hr - it'd be about 20 hours a week.

Knowing this car rental deal was a possibility and that the temp agency has his resume, he decided just to throw in the towel. However, his boss at the cell phone place asked to have him call the next day, so he did - turns out he talked to the owner of their area stores and they wanted him to come in today and hear their offer.

So he went to his interview today with the car rental place - turns out the location he'd be at was about 30 miles away, which would be about $15/wk in gas and he didn't feel that much driving was worth it for just 20hrs of work. He went in around 2 for his meeting with the guys at the cell phone place (they told him to come in anytime after noon, as they'd be there all day), however the main guy didn't get there til after 6 so he basically worked all day for a company he technically wasn't still employed with. Basically, he told them why he quit - he already has 1 job that pays well and he hated working twice as much at a job where he wasn't making anything. And the negotiations began. Basically they ended up telling him they'd give him $800/mo plus 50% of commissions for 40hrs a week at this actual store they were planning on moving him to.

I'm kinda mixed on this as this was just supposed to be his daytime part time job to cure him of boredom and give him a little extra spending money. I don't know about some, but from jobs I've worked before, 40+ hours is considered full time, not part time.

 I'm already annoyed as I feel like I barely get to see him - we used to have date nights every Friday evening, getting dinner together and then doing something fun... cept they have him working til 9pm on Fridays and well, aside from the bars and Walmart, not a lot of places are really open past 9/10pm... and it's not like we can really even go out late because they have him opening at 10am on Saturday, so he wants to go to bed at a decent time. And on Sundays... we used to go to church in the morning, then out for lunch with one of our families and then maybe run an errand or whatever in the afternoon, have a light dinner and then watch our shows. Well he works 10am-6pm on Sundays so there goes the majority of the day.

He was talking about with them switching him to this other store having Tuesday and Thursday as his days off, citing that he could get up and donate plasma while I'm at work, and then he'd be home by the time I'm home from work and we could have all night to hang out. Except he has to leave by 10pm to go to his other job, so no, he wouldn't be getting a full day off work... iono, I guess I'd be more comfortable if he had Fridays and Sundays off completely like he does at his main job so it would be like he'd have 2 actual, full days off.

The extra money would be nice, but at the same time, I miss going out and doing things and spending time with my husband in daylight, not to mention when we kids, I'd like for him to be able to spend time with them and be able to go to their functions too. I have one friend who now has 2 kids but her husband works soooo much that she barely gets to see him - I don't want us to be like that.

Ugh, this is so frustrating!

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