At least he's got chicken!

That's right, this week's installment of Warcraft Wednesdays is about good ol' Leeroy Jenkins and his guild, Pals for Life.

Here's the infamous video:

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_utpn85k5ndo/S6kDD58AjvI/AAAAAAAAAKg/al0aeux5keA/s1600/warcraftwednesdays-logo.gifI remember when this video was posted in the summer of 2005, my character was in the 30s or 40s, so I was unfamiliar with the instance (Upper Blackrock Spire, aka UBRS) or room the video takes place in, as at the time it was a 15 man raid instance for levels 58-60. My boyfriend at the time tried to explain it to me, but unless you had been there, it was hard to describe.

The room in the video takes place in is just after the first mini-boss in the instance. In there room there are a bunch of whelp eggs, where if you get too close to them, they spawn a few whelps, in which a few of those whelps go off and break open other whelp eggs in the room and if you're not careful you can literally get a ton of whelps like they do in the video. Back in the day, when the level cap was 60, you had to be careful killing these guys (or just carefully avoid them altogether) as it was easy to get overwhelmed and wipe. The main case for going into the rookery and actually killing these guys was because the boss that gets summoned drops the priest dungeon set shoulders (which any healer class can and would sometimes wear back then), so usually, if you didn't have a priest or if all the priests in the group already had the item, you would normally just cut through the right of the room that had a staircase leading upward to go onto the rest of the instance, skipping this room. However if the priest did need the item, you would usually have a rogue or druid stealth to the orb on the far left side of the room that summoned the boss and then hurry back to the room just outside where the rest of the group would wait and kill everything safely (usually with a ton of AoE), so that you didn't have to worry about more eggs breaking than necessary.

This video is funny because it totally mocks how serious some raid leaders were (and still are) when it comes to raid strategies and that there's always the one dumbass that wasn't listening or paying attention who runs in and messes it up for everyone, causing a wipe.

This video became huge among the WoW community, with people quoting it and threatening to "pull a Leeroy" and became worldwide.
  • In the WoW South Park episode, they pay homage to Leroy Jenkins, as the main antagonist of the episode is known as Jenkins.
  • Blizzard (the company behind WoW) even made a Leroy achievement just prior to the release of the last expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, where if you go into the rookery in UBRS and your party kills 50 whelps in 15 seconds, you get the achievement "Leeeeeeeeeeeeroy!" and the title "Jenkins" that you can select to have displayed after your character's name tag.
  • There is also a Leeroy Jenkins card in the WoW Trading Card Game too, and is a detriment to the rest of the player's team, exhausting them for the current and following turns. For gameplay reasons, his effects are not entirely negative: although no one else can attack, Leeroy can attack instantly should the player repeat Leeroy's famous shout Lerrrrooooy jenkinnns, and his attack is unusually high compared to the cost of playing him. However, his health is such that opponents should deal with him easily on subsequent turns.
  • In the WoW Miniatures Game, there was also a Leeroy Jenkins figurine created, holding a chicken leg in his left hand.
  • In 2007, Toyota released an ad for the Toyota Tacoma parodying the video, using the line "Let's do this!"
  • And apparently, on the DVD release of the movie Year One there is a deleted scene in which the character Isaac ruins a planned attack by running senselessly into battle screaming the famed battle cry, "Let's do this! Leeeroooyy Jennkinnnnsss!" and getting his entire party killed in the process. Isaac himself escapes the fate of his party, and when confronted by a dying companion, goes on to say, "at least I have chicken".
So keep on doing stupid, silly things in your MMOs and posting them to Youtube - you never know, you might be the next WoW sensation to get picked up by the media!

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