Chinese Baby Calendar

So last fall, soon after my best friend from high school told me she was pregnant, she began telling me about this Chinese Baby Calendar and how it really seemed accurate - it was accurate in predicting the gender of her son, and it was accurate for mom with both herself and her brother.

According to the calendar, my friend could expect a baby girl. When she went in to find out during her 5th month, sure enough, the doctor said it was a girl!

She asked me to find out my mom's information and see if it was correct in telling the gender of both me and my sister, and sure enough - it was!

Fascinated, we started trying it with other people we knew that were pregnant and knew what the sex was as well as ones that already had kids and strange enough, it was always correct!

Now I'm not one to believe in silly things like, but the fact it's been correct for everyone we've tried it with... it's a little freaky!

How it works is that it takes the age you were when you conceived and then what month you conceived in and that's how you can predict what gender your child will be.

So for example, if hubby and I conceived this cycle (April) we can expect to be having a boy based off of this, as I'm currently 25 and the conception month would be April.

Here's a link to the simple calendar/chart.

I'm half tempted to have my mother-in-law cross check it with all her kids, as she's had 6, just to see how it accurate is!

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