Look a Likes and Glee

Please tell me I'm not the only one that confuses these 2 (Timothy Olyphant and Josh Duhamel) in movies!

Olyphant I know best as the title character in the movie adaption of the video game "Hitman" as well as being the main antagonist in Die Hard 4 ("Live Free or Die Hard") and Duhamel is best known (aside from being Mr. Fergie) for his roles in both Transformers movies and the recent romantic comedy "When in Rome." But other than that, I'm always getting the 2 of them confused because they look sooooo much alike when Olyphant doesn't have his head shaved!

Want a recent example? When the recent horror movie "The Crazies" had its trailer all over TV, I honestly thought it was Duhamel until I searched for this comparison photo and learned that nope, it was Olyphant.

Can you tell the difference??


Also, I recently downloaded and got caught up on the first season of the TV show Glee. Anyone else think there is a striking resemblance between the Glee Club's female lead Rachel (Lea Michele) and famous Broadway singer Idina Menzel?

Maybe it's just the dark hair and big lips, but I think Michele looks like a slightly younger Menzel! I can't wait for the upcoming episodes too, with the 2 of them on screen together, as Menzel has a recurring guest role as the director of a rival school's Glee club and I guess the 2 of them have a duet in an upcoming episode.

http://www.broadwayworld.com/columnpic/Glee_logo.jpgFor those not familar with the show, here's a quick recap.

Spanish teacher will Will Shuester and Glee club alumni decides to take over as the new director for the Glee club when the previous director is fired and has hopes of making Glee cool again, as it was when he was in school. However, due to the school's budget getting cut, he has to get the Glee club to win at Sectionals and then place at Regionals or else the program will get cut. Making this difficult is the school's cheerleading director Sue Sylvester, as she's determined to end the Glee club for good, as the budget money to fund it is coming out of her Cheerios (the name of the cheerleading squad) budget.

Leading the Glee club is the overly ambitious sophomore Rachel, who has been rehearsing for her big debut since she was 3, Mercedes the token black girl who can really belt out the tunes and dreams of having her own record someday, Kurt the flamboyant likeable gay character who can also really sing, wheel-chaired Artie who also has connections to the jazz band and often plays bass, and then there's Tina the cute little Asian girl with a style of her own.

Trying to make Glee club more accepted, Will gets star quarterback Finn to join, in which Quinn the head cheerleader and Finn's girlfriend joins to keep an eye on him as he's starting to get cozy with the Glee club female lead Rachel. Following Quinn are cheerleaders Santana and Brittney, who serve as Sue's spies, leaking her information and helping her mess up the Glee club from within, although secretly they admit that they actually enjoy Glee. After Glee helps the football team win a game, several football players join, including Puck who joins to keep an eye on Quinn, as he knocked her up although she thinks he's a deadbeat and instead lies to Finn saying he's the dad.

Aside from getting the Glee club to Sectionals (and later Regionals) and the typical high school drama, Will also has drama of his own, as he married his high school sweetheart Terri. The 2 decide to start trying to have a family and Terri, believing she is pregnant announces it to Will, but it turns out after she visits the gyno that she's having a hysterical pregnancy, where she wants a baby so bad her body starts giving off some of the symptoms. Afraid she's losing Will to the school's cute but OCD guidance counselor Emma (who serves as Will's closest friend at school and does have a crush on him), she lies and continues to fake being pregnant wearing a baby bump belt and talking Quinn into giving her her baby when she has it since she's just a teen and can't raise a kid on her own.

Lots of drama, some comedic moments and quite a bit of fun singing and dancing.

The only thing that annoys me is how obvious it is that on screen for the song and dance numbers that the cast is lip-syncing to a previous recording they did. Yes, it's TV and it's expected, but still. In movies it seems more natural and not as noticeable - here it just seems obvious.

Now that I'm caught up though I plan on watching this one weekly.

It airs at 9/8c Tuesdays on Fox.


  1. Glad you're caught up on Glee! It's such fun - we've been watching the new episodes and it seems to be a little different than before, but still totally a guilty indulgence :) And you're right - Idina and Leo DO look alike!!

  2. Haven't seen Glee but I'm starting to think I really have to. It's on when I'm in the gym a lot, but I never really sit down and watch. Starting to think that must change.

  3. Sadako - they have the first 13 episodes as a set if you wanted to buy them, otherwise you can easily download them like I did - if you get caught up soon, you can watch the newer episodes online still (Hulu plays the last 5, not sure about Fox). So far they're only 3 episodes into the 2nd half of the season.

    I was interested when I first saw the promos for it last spring, but forgot to tune in and the one time I did (the episode where Kristen Chenoweth makes an appearance) I was completely lost on the plot and what was going on so I didn't watch again until I decided to just watch it from the beginning.

    It's a pretty good series - some comedy, a good bit of drama, and some fun song and dance numbers each episode too!

  4. You know there is a supposed reason that Rachel and Idina Menzel look alike, right? There is supposedly going to be a plot thread where it is revealed that Idina Menzel's character is Rachel's real mother (I believe it was mentioned once that she didn't know her real mom). Hence why they must look alike.

    And personally, I think more of the show Las Vegas when I think of Josh Duhamel. Just sayin ... >.>

  5. I love some Glee! My little brother just got me the soundtrack - I'm almost looking forward to my commute tomorrow :)

  6. Yeah someone else was telling me about the Michele/Menzel plot with her being Rachel's mom when I posted this on Twitter - that should be interesting! Wonder when they're going to squeeze in that plot line!

    I forgot he was on Las Vegas (I never watched that one though)


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