South Park meets WoW

Keeping with the Warcraft Wednesday theme, I decided to post this Emmy-winning gem of a South Park episode - "Make Love, Not Warcraft" - South Park episode #147, which was the 2nd half 10th season premiere in October 2006.

I remember being a raid, however no one was paying attention, as we all had our TV's on Comedy Central, watching the episode and commenting on and quoting it on Ventrilo and in raid and guild chats.

South Park - Make Love, Not Warcraft

DARK RIDER | MySpace Video

(this is a version I found to embed via Myspace videos - if for whatever reason it does not work, feel free to watch the full episode here at SouthParkStudios.com)

In the episode, the boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny) are new to World of Warcraft and starting out in Elwynn Forest. However, they are soon harassed by a gamer who has figured out a way to hack the game and kill all the other players (while PVP is a feature in WoW, you can't actually kill players of the same faction) and won't stop killing everyone else's characters so no one can actually play the game and level. Frustrated, the boys hatch a plan to gather all their friends and try and gang up on the guy to put a stop to him. However they are too low level. They devise another plan, where they will kill the ingame boars to get enough experience to level up and then try once again to take on the griefer. The Blizzard Entertainment execs (the company that makes WoW) are also worried, as they're afraid the griefer has no life and cannot be stopped ("how do you kill that which has no life?") and his behavior will frustrate new players and cause them not to play anymore. Determined to help the boys slay the evil griefer, the execs decide to give the boys the Sword of a Thousand Truths, a weapon so powerful that it was removed from the game and stored on a 1 GB USB flash drive.

The episode makes use of the infamous Leroy Jenkins name, areas in WoW and the infamous WoW soundtrack. WoW has since incorporated "The Sword of 1000 Truths" which mentions a character from the episode on the item, as well as a weapon "Slayer of the Lifeless." Blizzard also added in a "Make Love, Not Warcraft" PVP achievement. Also, in the upcoming WoW expansion, humans can be hunters (which Kenny's character is in this episode).

This episode was brought to us by both the creators of South Park - Trey Parker and Matt Stone - as well as Blizzard Entertainment, as they helped Park and Stone create the Machinima to make a better emulation of the game. It was definitely one of the more memorable episodes and us WoW players LOVED it!


  1. I loved that episode!!! I thought it was HILARIOUS!!

    Some of the WoW players I've met are actually pretty aaccurately represented on that episode. One guy I knew stopped showering and had mold growing in his room.. it smelled terribly!

    Have you seen the guitar hero one?? That's a good one, too.

  2. LOL... the "griefer" guy in the video actually kinda reminds me of my ex, aside from the baldness, lol...

    it's soooo true though! during the haydays of my WoW addiction we would seriously just sit in a room together on our computers, eating at our computers quick simple meals and only really getting up to use the bathroom, lol... it was pretty bad!


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