Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 03.19.12

 Last week Jay had a skin reaction to ranch dressing. Poor baby =(

 He had fun playing with Thomas' friend James while mommy took some pictures with the front facing camera.

It's been unseasonably warm this past week and this current week, so we've been playing outside quite a bit!

Swinging is his favorite!

 I let my sis color my hair during her beauty school's friends and family hours - I needed my greys colored, she needs hours towards her certification. It was a win-win for both of us!

More fun at a playground

Playing with the gravel in the backyard


 Playing in the backyard, showing off his flippy floppies

Playing in his hand-me-down sandbox - he played in it for over an hour!

 Daddy attempting to put Jay's new swing set together

Playing outside for a few hours tuckered him out!

He snuggled up on mommy

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