Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 03.26.12

I'm going to do a separate post with photos from the wedding so this post isn't HUGE, but here's how the rest of my past week went, in photos!

Last Monday (3.19.12) was my sister's bachelorette party/outing. Since she's only turning 19 in a few weeks and a good chunk of the people she invited were obviously under 21 we had to find somewhere we could go that was fun, but legal for them. We decided on Dave and Busters and visited the one just on the outskirts of Milwaukee as tolls in Illinois are now ridiculous (they doubled them AGAIN after the 1st of the year - 2nd time within 10 years) and I figured $4 to cross the border up north verses at least $7 to go into the suburbs was a better deal since we had planned on caravan-ing up there if we had enough people. Sadly, we had a several people cancel last minute so it ended up just being me, my sis and one of the other bridesmaids. We still had fun though! We each got an Eat and Play Combo and I treated them to the Belgian Chocolate Fondue for dessert, which was yummy! We spent most of our game credits on the ticket-giving games - my sis and  I both hit jackpots on 2 different games, I got 280 from one, she got just over 300 on another. I spent my tickets on a monkey plush with super long arms that velcro together plus a D&B hackysack which both went to Jay.
My sis and her friend.
I decked her out with the sash, crown and flashing bling button
The guy at the door took this one for us.
Baby sis being silly
 Hubby decided he needed a new laptop. The one he was using was his mom's old one, with a messed up keyboard so he had to use a wireless one with it and was getting tired of it. He wanted something small and thin to use and easily take with him for his writing as he's been in author-mode for awhile now with lots of ideas flowing through that head of his. So we went to Best Buy and put a laptop he had picked out on our Best Buy card that has been sitting, paid off, for awhile now.

Hubby's new laptop and box
Setting everything up on his new laptop
Hubby also learned the other day that his favorite author had a new book that came out earlier this month, so we took a trip to Barnes and Noble (which only reminded me of how much I missed the convenience of Borders, as this meant we had to take a trip out to the mall!).

"New Teen Paranormal Romance" - they needed an entire section for it??? We thought it was funny that most of the books in the section were mostly about vampire romances, however I did see the Trylle (troll) series in here, as well as the Iron King (fae) series. Still couldn't believe there's an entire section in the store devoted to this stuff now though...
Our loot:
Hubby's new David Weber book and a Civil War book he found in the bargain book section; a 3-story Thomas and Friends board book for Jay (includes The Great Discovery, Hero for a Day which explains how Hiro ended up on Sodor Island as we keep seeing the episode where he comes to visit, and Misty Island Rescue - which is waaaay shorter than the 45-60min movie!); The Shattering, a World of Warcraft novel - yes, I felt like a dork for buying a WoW novel, but it tells about the events that led up to The Cataclysm which I would like to know more about, having played the Cataclysm expansion, think I might eventually get the Arthas book, despite having played through his story in Wrath of the Lich King, however I did enjoy it! I also bought Something Borrowed as it was in the bargain book section and despite not seeing the movie, you all seem to keep saying here in Blogland that the book was much better than the movie anyway.
I came home from the other day and saw that all Jay's Thomas and Friends magnets were stuck to my dishwasher. At first I asked hubby if he helped Jay put those there, to which he came over from the family, took a look and laughed, saying no, he hadn't - that Little Stinker did it all by himself! LOL...

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