PSA: You've GOT to taste this!

Guys, we've found something AMAZEBALLS here! (and yes, I just used the word amazeballs).

Almost every Saturday night for the last few years has been Taco Bell night for dinner in our home - hubby usually works Saturday evenings, so we have a late dinner and he picks it up on his way home. It's cheapish, it's simple, and it's yummy. (Thursdays are usually lasagna night, Friday nights we usually go out, and Sunday night is usually pizza night - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I usually cook or we're on our own if I'm working).

 Anyways, last weekend, we just HAD to try these new babies:

And OMG is it good! 

I'm hooked. 

I ordered 2 for my meal this week instead of my usual regular hard shell tacos.

I'm looking forward to eating it again.

It's THAT good!

Go get one and try it if you haven't already.

That is all.


What's your thoughts?