Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 03.12.12

This past week was the halfway point of my 10 straight days off work while they remodeled our store. We tried to keep occupied though during the week and went to the big shopping mall in the Chicago suburbs (Woodfield - where T-Mobile recorded their holiday flash mob video last winter) as my mom wanted me to get Jay's feet measured at Stride Rite and she wanted to look around for a mother of the bride dress for my sister's wedding.

Friday and Saturday were 12 hour work days for me, as we were spending the weekend resetting the floor of our store for our grand reopening on Monday (yesterday). We had to unpack all the hardware and count it and then process all 250 boxes of our summer inventory as they had stopped our shipment roughly 3 weeks ago.

And on Sunday was the bridal shower for my sister that I threw and hosted by myself (although my mom helped me financially as she didn't want me to half-ass it due to my own funds and she helped me make the food... and my aunt finally decided to help out last minute with centerpieces).

Here's pictures from my fun week:

Mom was trying on dresses so I took pics of Jay eating Goldfish crackers in his stroller.

 They had a nice sized Looney Toons playarea in the mall so after going to the stores I needed to visit, I took Jay over to it for a good 45 minutes or so while my mom finished up. He had SOOOO much fun! He had played the day before at the one our local mall has when we went mall-walking with my friend and her daughter who just turned 2, but it's much smaller than this one! And omg, he was soooo proud of himself, walking around by himself and exploring the play area like a big kid - I couldn't help but smile as I sat near the exit in case he tried to make an escape, watching him with the proud, smiley look on his face. He also made a little friend with a girl just a few months older than him - he started "pushing" her in various directions trying to get her to go where he wanted her! LOL... I saw it and went over to tell him we don't push people around, however the little girl's mom thought it was pretty funny!

Jay's "Loot" - He got a smaller (but perfect for our collection) Piglet, a Winnie the Pooh straw sippy cup which he hasn't quite figured out yet, a Tabby Kitty "small fry" friend from Build-A-Bear and his new Stride Rite sneakers.

In Stride Rite, we got his feet measured and they're a size 4, wide so she put him in a 4.5 shoe so he has some room in them still. Another mom came in with her little girl who was close to Jay's age, however she's not quite walking yet. She was drinking milk from a bottle though and Jay walked right up to her and pull the bottle off her! She had this look on her face, but it was kinda funny at how bold he was and I took it off him and gave it back to her. Then a few minutes later, as we're checking out, he walks up to her again and take the bottle off her again! Doh!

At Build-A-Bear he had a "Stranger Danger" freakout, as the older lady that works there was being all talkative to Jay, however my mom and I were standing behind the stroller, debating what animal to "build" and he couldn't see mommy or Grammie so he got very scared of the older lady and freaked out til she went "away", lol... We decided to just go with the "small fry" pre-built mini's this time (I wanted to get him the elephant but he picked out the kitty) thinking next time we go there next winter he'll be old enough to actually pick his own and build one.

I was laying on the couch during naptime and I look across the family room and see Tiger, on "her spot" on the loveseat, only laying like this, front over the back of the couch with paws in the air, lol... silly kitty!

 Jay showing off his Thomas ensemble for mommy (note - he's such a blinker!).

 I found a mantle clock!!!
Seriously though, I've been looking for a clock that I like for our mantle for awhile now and just randomly happened across this one when I wasn't even looking for it, at Target of all places, on the home decor clearance shelf! Couldn't pass that up! I also switched out the picture frame for one that I had bought previously but hadn't put to use yet as I figured it matched and balanced it out a bit. So glad to finally have that clock in the family room though - was a bit annoying having to dig out the phone or get up and go to the kitchen just to check what time it was.

And here's photos from my sis's bridal shower:

 I had my mom "steal" the collages from my sister's bedroom. And I had to get the "guest book" bridal puppy for people to sign as she had mentioned it in the store back when we were shopping for my bridal stuff. I also put together party favors there - each one had some colored M&Ms that matched her wedding colors (purple and malibu blue) as well as a calla lily bookmark (that's the flowers she's using).

 The cake, made by the people at the Sam's Club bakery.

 Food table - meatballs, tuna salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, cream cheese ribbon sandwiches, and veggie platter.

Cake and drink table - we served punch that mom made using my grandma's secret recipe she kept under lock and key.

Guests - we had a good turnout, a few people that RSVP'd didn't show, but oh well, we still had fun. We played a wedding word scramble, the What's in Your Purse game, and How Well Do You Know the Bride game.

 The soon-to-be newlyweds - 12 more days to go!

 Opening up the gifts - he joined us for the gift part of the shower, as he wanted to be part of that I guess...

And not shower-related, but here's Jay, getting into mommy's wallet. I had it out while doing some online shopping Sunday night and he came over, grabbed it up, and took off running across the room with it! Then he sat down and started rummaging through it, lol...

Sunday night after the shower, I called work to see if they were still working and needed me to come in. They said they were only going to be there for another hour or so, so no need to come over. It was in the 60s though and hubby and I decided to pop out the stroller and take a family walk. Unfortunately, the playground at the church a few blocks over is still under construction... so we decided to walk a mile or so up the road and to a nearby park. Jay busted out laughing every time a car drove by on the busy road (obviously we stayed up on the sidewalk) and he fell asleep on the walk back. We were out walking for about an hour though and it felt great! It's supposed to be in the upper 60s and low 70s the rest of this week so I'm hoping to get Jay to some playgrounds this week!

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