Jay's Super Mario Bros Room, part deux!

Awhile back I showed you Jay's Super Mario Bros room in progress, as I hadn't had the time to really hammer out the details as I surely can't work on it while Jay's around and during the day it's usually just me and him at home.

With hubby on his night job vacation this week he decided to take a couple days off from the day job as well so he'd have several full days of vacation. This was a great chance for me to work on Jay's room during the day!

And work on it I did!

Check it out:
I really wanted to do something unique for his nursery but at the same time, if I was going to put this much work into it I wanted it to be something that could last for a long time. I figure, as he grows, he'll love it when he's a little kid and hope that as he grows into a teen and a young adult (assuming we're in this house that long - who knows!) that he'll grow to still appreciate it - after posting these to my RL friends on Facebook, I had quite a few my own age that thought it was the coolest thing ever and wish they had a Mario World 1-1 room in their house! I hope Jay feels the same way when he's older!


What's your thoughts?