Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 03.05.12

So this week I did things a little different... I decided to try photo every other challenge, so this first bunch is from last Tuesday.

 Jay awoke me over the baby monitor at 9:24am wanting to get up and out of his crib.

After changing his diapey we went out to the family where mommy laid on the couch while Jay played as we waited for Sesame Street to come on PBS.

10am - We're watching Sesame Street. Elmo and Abby were up to some adventure.

11am - Jay isn't interested in WordWorld despite it being a cute show, so he played with his toys instead.

1130am - Breakfast! Yeah, that's right, we eat breakfast when you guys are eating lunch. We're on a weird schedule. Jay eats some Quaker oatmeal with fruit and cream, some yogurt and some milk.

12pm - Jay goes down for his early afternoon nap.

1230pm - Mommy takes a nap on the couch.

Jay woke up around 2pm, we watch some Sprout before mommy gets ready.

230pm - mommy's putting on some of her make-up so we can go out.

3pm - our 1st stop is Michael's.

330pm - next stop is Office Max.

400-430pm - we went to Hobby Lobby, and here's our goods - mommy got 2 cute Welcome door signs - one for spring, another for post-Easter through summer. Jay got a Thomas tin lunchbox for being such a good shopping buddy today (it was $5.99 and I had a 40% off coupon - can't pass that up, especially since the kid is crazy about Thomas these days!).

445pm - Jay's "lunch." Yes, it's a late lunch, although he usually eats lunch between 330 and 430. We had dinosaur chicken nuggets with ranch and Jay had applesauce and milk with his.

515pm - I tried putting Jay down for his 2nd nap and decided to try and read some more of Mockingjay. Key words here are "tried" and "try."

615pm - see? Didn't last long... he wasn't interested in taking his 2nd nap. Instead here he is playing again.

700pm hour - Still playing.

800pm hour - Dinner! I made us a yummy dinner that included broccoli, rigatoni pasta with marinara sauce and pan-seared salmon patties. Jay woolfed down the salmon patty piece he had but wasn't big on the broccoli or pasta so we gave him some more applesauce (I swear that kid would live on applesauce and Goldfish crackers if I let him!).

 900pm - playing with his plush Thomas trains, kid loves his Thomas trains!

915pm - he didn't like being in daddy's hoodie!

 1015pm - we put Jay to bed an hour early since he didn't take his 2nd nap and was stumbling around like a drunk and being fussy. I decided to finish the last of his 1st birthday cake since it was taking up room in the fridge and no one else was eating it.

11pm hour - hubby working on his laptop while we watch The Office on TBS and I read some more of Mockingjay. This is pretty much what we did the rest of the night since hubby was on vacation from his 3rd shift job last week.

3:21am - the time it was when I climbed in bed. And that's a typical day around here, although normally we don't run errands and some days I work.

Last week I also got a lot of the detailing done on Jay's Super Mario Bros room. I posted about it over the weekend, but here's some teaser photos:

Thursday night, since hubby was on vacation, we took our annual trip to Gameworks in Schaumburg. Every Thursday night they have $10 unlimited gaming (it's basically a 2 story arcade), plus after 9pm they kick out all the under 21 people and open up the bar so you can walk around and drink your drinks while playing. We made this a vacation tradition last summer and this was our 3rd time.

They had Bill Murray plushies in one of the machines.

We always play through a shooter since it's not like we have to keep dumping in quarters. The past 2 times we played the House of the Dead zombie shooter games. Hubby didn't feel like shooting up zombies this time though so we did Time Crisis 2, where you shoot bad guys instead. It was 3 levels, we beat it easy.

Island Adventure! Last time we played a pirate game like this one, but decided to give this one a try since it was similar - it's a shooter, but you sit in a motion car. It was pretty fun but I think I liked the pirate one better.

And of course I can't pass up DDR!

This tank game is AWESOME! Basically, you're driving a battle tank and it's a free for all with 2 computer players and the person next you. It's pretty fun!

I beat everyone, hahahaha!!!

Normally we play the Fast and the Furious racing game, but 2 people were hogging that one most of the night so we couldn't play our saved vehicles from last time. We did play the motorcycle racing game a few times, racing against another couple. We also tried virtual bowling and I played some AC/DC and Family Guy pinball too. Hubby refused to play Street Fighter or any of the Marvel vs Capcom fighter games with me - I always kick his butt and all I do is mash the buttons constantly, lol... We did play a round of Mario Kart racing and then played Pacman Battle Royale where 4 people play against each other - we played with 2 others, one of which had a very drunk friend watching. Hubby kept kicking everyone's butt though, lol... I also had at least 4 drinks, maybe 5?

Normally, you can't play any of the ticket-giving games during unlimited gaming night, but apparently I had a few "tokens" left on my timecard from my former college roomie's engagement party they had there last spring so Monkey Ball let me play and gave me 45 tickets. I got the mini-frisbee for Jay, a ninja guy for me and a green army guy for hubby that my drunken self told him to cherish forever (it's residing in his car, lol...)

On our way home, I got this craving for french fries with a massive amount of ketchup on them. So we stopped at Wendy's and they gave us several of these dip and squeeze travel ketchup things - GENIUS! I used at least 2 of these packet things on a small fry.

And that's the photos I took this past week!

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