Some more firsts with Jay

We've had a few memorable firsts with Jay the last 2 days.

Sunday, well... he took his first tumble down the stairs.

My in-laws decided to drop in that afternoon and I noticed that our loveseat was covered in cat hair as Tiger's been shedding a lot lately so I vacuumed that up and then decided to use the Furminator to get some of the loose dead fur off her. She was sitting just on the other side of the gate so I opened it up to get her. I *thought* I closed it and latched it all the way...

While I'm grooming the cat on the kitchen floor (since it's easier to vacuum up), I notice Jay is playing by the gate like he always does (he LOVES throwing toys down the stairs for some reason). All of a sudden we hear a thud and Jay screaming!

Hubby, who was sitting on the couch in the family room just across from the kitchen, bolts up and is all "OH MY GOD! HE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!" We both take off running down them, hubby ahead of me, beating me to Jay so I didn't even see how he landed. Hubby picked him up at the bottom of the stairs and he was moving okay, just screaming and crying because he was scared. We checked him over to make sure nothing was broken - hubby said from the way he was laying at the bottom of the stairs, it looked like he rolled which is a good thing.

Hubby freaked out at his sister, who had gone downstairs as soon as they got here, thinking she didn't latch the gate all the way, until I spoke up and said I was the last one to open the gate so it was likely my fault unless Jay finally figured out the latch himself. We monitored him the rest of the afternoon and he seemed like his normal self. He didn't seem to learn a lesson though as he was back playing by the gate in no time. I should probably work with him on learning how to properly go up and down stairs... he gets off the couch properly now and I've worked with him on that for awhile. My mother-in-law assured me that as long as he was crying and moving around that he's most likely fine, and that babies bones are flexible and they're made to take falls and bumps and still be okay. As hubby keeps reminding me, it'll be a miracle if he makes it to 18 with no stitches or broken bones.

I was still shaking and nervous and scared though - when I hear him playing by the gate I often I have scary thoughts of him falling down the stairs and breaking his neck or killing himself... and here he fell down the stairs. I usually take a glance at the latch when he's playing near the gate just to make sure it's secure... but this time, I had a squirmy cat in my hands and unless Jay figured out the latch himself, I must not have secured it. Talk about mommy guilt! At least he's okay though! Thanks for those of you who responded on Twitter and shared your stories of your kids falling down the steps and being perfectly fine!

Other 1sts...

Well, Monday we went mall-walking with my good friend and her daughter who'll be 2 next week and we decided before they had to go to let her and Jay go play in the "germ pit" as the moms who come into my store often refer to it (you know, the kiddie play areas they have in the mall). It was Jay's 1st time in there and he looked so proud of himself to be walking around amongst bigger kids all by himself. He tried to "escape" out the only exit/entrance twice though, making me chase after him.

And then a first of what I'm sure will not be the last time this happens...

He lost one of his shoes in the mall. These shoes I got from work on sale... they have like a bungee cord that you pull a clasp on to tighten them. He ALWAYS seems to get the darn things off though, but usually he's good about keeping them on in public. Well, after my friend and her daughter had to leave I decided to stick around and walk and window shop. As we're walking, I turn the stroller around and an elderly couple point out that Jay's missing a shoe and they said they thought they saw it on the other end of the mall "by the games." Thinking they were talking about the kiddie vehicle rides, I race back to where we were recently and look, but no luck. I went back into the last store we were in and look around, but again no luck. Then I'm thinking "games..." and as I'm looking on the ground in front of Gamestop I see it - his shoe sitting on top of a display. I went to put it back on him but he was fussing so I took his other one off and stuffed them under the stroller so we wouldn't have to go through that again. But yeah, I spent 10 minutes back tracking, looking for my kid's shoe in the middle of the mall.

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