What I Bought at Work This Week 03.25.12

I realized tonight that I seem to *always* come home with a bag of stuff from work at least once a week, if not several times a week - seriously, working at kid's clothing store, a good bit of my paycheck goes straight back to the company, I kid you not!

But, I figured this would make for a fun little weekly feature here on the good ol' blog - I get to show off some of the cute stuff we have right now, share what deals I've found, and the company gets exposure too - it's a win-win all around, right?

Anyways, here's what I came home with from work this past week:

Jay got a cute little fisherman's hat to wear this summer. He has a cap too, but I thought one of these was a good idea to have too. I was torn between colors as this hat also comes in army green and navy blue, as well as the tan color here. I figured the tan was a bit more universal and could go with more stuff, plus it has a really cute cartoon-y shark on the otherside too!

I also got him a pair of army cargo shorts for summer too. He has a knit pair that my aunt and uncle got him with a matching shirt for summer, however they're too big for him to wear anytime too soon, as they're 24 months and he's only in a 12 month pant right now. A guy purchased these this past week to go with this Sesame Street Oscar shirt Jay also has and it did look cute together so I've already paired these with that shirt for him too!

And flip flops... they always start out at 2 for $6 and you can mix and match big kid, little kid or boy and girl. I bought Jay a pair when we reopened after our remodel, however we didn't have all ours out yet and the ones I grabbed him, don't really go with a lot of his stuff, so I figured I'd get him another more universal pair to slip on him while we're just out running errands or making a quick stop somewhere and he can wear his other ones in the backyard or in the sandbox or wherever... I was a bit hesitant to get this particular pair at first due to the skulls on it (WHY does a good chunk of our BABY clothing having skulls on it?!) - hubby's not big on his baby wearing skulls yet, not to mention my parents would be sure to comment on it too, lol... but after looking at them again, they're more of a pirate-y skull than just a normal skull so I figured for summer and beachy wear it was okay. The sparkly silver flip flops... the Team Lead I was working with one day unpacked these babies and tried them on - she wears a size 9, but thought the 5/6 (the largest we carry in big kid shoes) might work - they were just a tad too small for her foot, but me being an 8, I tried them on and voila! They fit! And since it was 2 for $6 and I was already getting one pair I figured why not. Not gonna lie, maybe it's just cuz they're meant for girls, but they're not really that comfortable... I'm hoping to break them in around the house and maybe that'll help cuz they do fit well and look fun!

This stuff, with the 2 for $6 flip flop deal and my employee discount, cost me around $21.

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