Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 01.30.12

It's Monday, so that means it's time for my weekly photo dump and link-up!

Tiger's been quite affectionate these days, which is strange for her... but I don't mind her curling up by feet in bed or on the couch!
I decided to buy a swimsuit early this year as last year I waited til almost summer when they were on clearance and had a hard time find anything that fit well and still looked acceptable on me. I figured this year I *needed* to splurge a little and get something for this summer as Jay's going to be quite active and it would be a good idea to take him swimming or play in a kiddie pool with him in the backyard. I found this mix and match suit at Target - tankini top is by Converse, swim short bottoms are by Merona. Old Navy online has a blue tankini top I like as well so I think I might pick that up as well so I have 2, once my local Old Navy gets their swimwear in.
He was napping with daddy, but woke up while daddy was still asleep and decided to keep snuggling.
I bought a few new nail polishes this week, including a Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat as I realized I didn't have one! I got NYC's In a New York Minute polish in Prince Street (purple) and Fashion Ave Fuchsia.
This is the Fashion Ave Fuchsia with the top coat
All my current nail polish collection. Kinda sad considering in Jr. High I swear I had like 30 bottles ranging from dark darks to super bright lime greens!
The bruise on the side of my knee... doesn't look any better than last week and still no clue what I did!
She happened to yawn as I took the picture and the flash went off too, lol... she looks completely vicious here!
She was sitting on the stairs with paws on 1, legs on another, as she watched Jay walk around, lol... she's sooo confused by him walking!
I got another batch of Get Glue stickers and turned them into magnets, adding onto the collection on the side of our fridge. Most of the good ones in this batch were Game of Thrones ones!
And since I was showing off magnets, here's the front of our fridge!
Tired of Jay getting into the books on the bottom 2 shelves of each bookshelf, we decided to box some up and move others around, putting his toys on the bottom ones... this is how it looks cleaned up. I got to sleep in the next morning while hubby was home and yeah... by the time I got up it was completely trashed, but it's nice not having to chase him away from the books!
I bought MORE nail polish at the end of the week (I blame some of you! LOL). This is NYC's In a New York Minute in Chinatown and Pure Ice's Purple Reign. I'm thinking these are my 2 favorite nail polish brands - they're cheap, but fun!
Purple Reign with the Sally Hansen top coat
Jay watching Thomas and Friends on Sprout. He's such a typical little boy and only almost 1 year old! 2 of his favorite shows are about a superhero that teaches spelling and reading (Super Why) and Thomas the Train and Friends, lol... kinda amuses me!

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