Fun with Our Phones Monday #20

A few hours past Monday, oh well!

I tried out the Mary Kay nail lacquor in Plush Plum that I got for Christmas
We've been hooked on these lately, ever since buying a big thing of em at Sam's
How my kitchen often looks after Hurricane Jay has come through... Note, he pulled out most of the above Welch's bottles and had a blast with them, lol...
Best. Purchase. Lately.
Jay likes snacking on Goldfish lately and I found a big box of the whole grain ones at Walmart! Score!
Waiting with daddy at Buffalo Wild Wings
Laughing at the silly high schoolers waiting across the room from us
He's looking so big these days!
Watching TV
Sleeping cutie!
Showing off his 2nd haircut!


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    1. Thanks! I was a little indifferent about it at first, as it looks very similar to the Sally Hansen Instadry Wined Up color I bought recently as well, but there is a bit of a more plumb-y color to it and it's held up a lot better too! I think I'll keep the Sally Hansen one for my toes, as those don't chip as easily =)


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