Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 01.16.12

Apparently this weekly link-up has changed a bit in name, but it's still the same Monday post where I show you the photos I took on my phone this week!

Jay had fun "playing" and making a mess in mommy's kitchen one morning, including moving his high chair across the room!
 We *finally* had our 1st "real" snowfall of the winter season last Thursday and it finally seems like winter around here! Of course we had to take Jay out in his 1st real snow, as he was just a newborn last year when there was snow and we only took him to and from the car via his carrier in it.

All bundled up to go outside - he wasn't happy... until we got out in the cold and realized why he was bundled up, lol...
"What is this??"
Playing around
"This is kinda fun!"
Posing with mommy
Napping with daddy after our fun time in the snow

Maybe a little hard to see, but somehow hubby got his laptop screen orientation sideways, lol...
In these next ones, there's a few before and after photos - my dad is doing some minor home improvement projects around the house for us as he's between jobs and running out of things to do around their home to keep busy and well, he's better at that stuff than hubby and I so I figured why not? This week he installed some bifold doors to section off our laundry room area and I moved my craft area so that Jay can have a play corner in our basement.

Laundry area before
...and after! With doors to keep Jay (and Tiger) out of that back area of the basement.
My former craft area (new craft area is in the previous photo)
The beginnings of Jay's play area. We built his bookshelf and pieced together 6 of the 8 playmats he got for Christmas (which he was SOOOO excited to get, lol...). I'd say it's a pretty good start!

So I'm working on making a variation of this balloon wreath that Undomesticated Chica shared on her blog last week for Jay's upcoming 1st birthday party (can't believe that's almost here!!!) and I came across this in the bag of balloons I was using - 2 balloons melded together! Doh!


  1. The snow photos are so cute!

    1. Thanks! He seemed to be thoroughly interested in it and even enjoying it a bit when hubby and I started tossing snow back and forth with some getting on him =D


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