Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 01.23.12

Just got home from work, got Little Man to bed and my mom left recently (as she comes over for a bit to watch Jay during the time hubby leaves for work, before I get home)... which means it's time for me to post...

I didn't take too many photos this week... oops!

Oh well!

Can't really tell to well what's going on here - I took this one stopped while driving as I was waiting to exit my parent's neighborhood after dropping off Jay, heading to work. There's a sign up there for no left turns, which also is facing for cars coming from the right (heading left). There's a median there so duh, don't turn left. Growing up, it's always pissed me off when people ignore these signs as there's no left turn there and all your dumbass is doing is holding up traffic! The biggest culprits are old people, but in this case it was a younger girl/woman. It's like, are you incapable of reading traffic signs? Do you want to screw up your car by turning over a median??? Ugh... drives me nuts!
Once again, Jay made an obstacle course out of our basement stairs, throwing stuff at the cat (I took video too!). I moved all the blocks downstairs to his new play area (see last week's post) after he did this all weekend, as it was getting annoying.
So my right knee was bothering me for a better part of the week and I couldn't figure out why or what I had done to it. Then I noticed this nice looking bruise on the side while in the shower! It looks even darker today... still no clue what I did but it's feeling better now than it did a few days ago!
If you follow me on Twitter then you know Saturday after I work I finally went and got my tats done. I'll do a full post soon, but yeah - here's how they look!
Hubby's working on editing one of his novels he's had in progress (this one's more medieval fantasy) as the story kinda changed direction on him as he was writing it and required the 1st handful of chapters he wrote to be reworked. He was typing in the family room here, but setup shop on the kitchen table the other night as he's tired of Jay constantly trying to grab at the laptop when he's working, lol...


  1. Your butterflies are gorgeous :)

    My kids like to make obstacles everywhere. My son is getting legos for his birthday - and I'm starting to think that's not such a good idea. LOL

    1. Thanks!

      Haha yeah, I sorta rethink half the toys he has! Especially those blocks! LOL...


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