A Jay update!

So I just realized I haven't done a Jay update in a while and well, quite a bit has happened the last few weeks!

We're alllllll done with baby food! Which is HUGE!

We buy em in big cartons, Jay loves
Goldfish so much!
We're finishing up the last of his rice cereal and switching him to oatmeal. For lunch he gets some whole grain Goldfish crackers with chicken nuggets and ranch or meat (like turkey or Hebrew National hotdogs - something that can be a finger food) plus fruit (usually Mott's All Natural No Sugar Added applesauce). Then for dinner he usually eats a bit of whatever we're having plus some fruit and Goldfish crackers (as an appetizer while we get his plate ready and cooled down). Then he usually gets a warm bottle of milk before bed.

And yes, milk - not formula! He's drinking whole milk now! It was actually a pretty easy transition, I put in his cereal one more and mixed a bit in with his formula throughout the day... within a day or 2 he was drinking just the milk, no formula. We go through a gallon a week it seems, but it's still cheaper than formula!

He's finally gotten down fingerfoods, but we have to monitor when him when he's feeding himself cuz he likes to just take a handful of food and shove it all in his mouth at once and then wonders why he's choking on it when he can't swallow it all at once /facepalm

We've also transitioned to a sippy for lunch and dinner and he seems to be doing fine with it.

He's taken a few more steps when it comes to walking alone, but he still prefers to crawl... maybe in the next 2 weeks, before his 1st birthday...

Speaking of which... I can't believe that's just 2 weeks from tomorrow! Where has the time gone?!

Most of the prep for his birthday is done - got his cake ordered, invites were sent out earlier this week, decorations and presents are bought or made, birthday onesie is here, photo albums put together... all I have left really is to finish up his baby book, buy the party favors (which I'm waiting til a few days before so I have the final kid head count), buy the food and make the punch! Should be a fun time - I'll definitely post pics!

Bedtime has been a bit of a struggle lately... unless he passes out while drinking his bedtime bottle, he'll stay up and play or do whatever in his crib for a good hour or so after his bedtime... which is already 11pm! Drives me nuts hearing him play over there when I'm trying to have my "me" time at night. And it's not like he has a lot of toys in his crib - he has a music box thing crib toy and My Pal Scout and a stuffed Eeyore. How is that keeping him up?! And he doesn't nap that close to bedtime either... hopefully this is just a phase.

He did have a bit of a growth spurt this week - he's been taking really long naps in the afternoon (2-4hrs!) and well, today I put his 6-9mo pants on him and they were above his ankles. Time to bust out the 12mo pants!

"Gimme cookie, please!!! Nom Nom Nom!!"
Jay gave me a few good laughs yesterday. He likes to play with Tiger... by throwing his toys at her when she's sitting on the steps to the basement. Now we have a gate mounted into the wall, so he can't fall down them, but he can get his arm and some of his smaller toys through the rails and yeah... he thinks it's hilarious to throw his toys at her and today she was completely instigating it too, buy jumping around, dodging them, etc. It was pretty funny, although he made an obstacle course out of my stairs...

Then I go to change him after naptime and I find one of his Cookie Monster doll's plastic cookies sticking out the top of his diaper, underneath the onesie he had on and his flannel around the house pants! I keep telling hubby I swear he pulls those cookies out of his butt, as whenever we're looking for them to play with the Cookie Monster doll (he talks and asks you to feed the cookies to him) we can't find them, but whenever Jay is playing alone, they magically appear! This just proves my theory - he really does pull them out of his diaper!

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/396037_10100397834338899_30800316_47547908_1278198556_n.jpgWe returned to storytime at the library last night. It started up again last week but due to the mass amount of snow we got last Thursday, we decided it would just be better to stay in and avoid traveling since some of the roads were still a mess. Jay was a little stinker and a flirt though! 2 little girls joined us tonight, and the one that was 9 months old was quite taken with Jay, even trying to chase after him at a few points! It was pretty funny! He also managed to get his shoes off and then made quite a scene when I tried to get them back on at the end of storytime so we could go home... he also threw a fit when I made him put his coat on too (it was 7 degrees out, not wearing a coat or shoes was NOT an option!). He was all over the place at storytime though - one of the other moms asked if he's always this active, to which I told her yep, pretty much. Jay likes to go, go, go! Instead of practicing the different sounds (the volunteer has a bag of letters we call sounds, like M is Mmm, O is ahhh, P is puh, B is buh, etc) Jay found matching ones (the O's) and was carting them around our little section of the library, lol... he was quite proud of himself for finding matching ones, lol...

And that's my Jay update!

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