Fun with our Phones Monday #19

It's that time of the week again!

I forgot to take a picture of it last week but here's the hearthstone keychain hubby got me for Christmas, from this awesome Etsy seller - I love it! Home is where the Hearthstone is set to! =D
I was eating cookies earlier in the week and noticed that I just happened to set my empty plate in front of Jay's new Cookie Monster toy (which just so happens to "eat" cookies that I swear Jay pulls out of his butt as they're always missing when I go to look for them but magically appear when he wants to play with it, lol...). I thought it was too funny and had to take a picture of it
Jay's 1st birthday onesie arrived this week - I had it custom made on CafePress

 Being a cutie and a big boy at the dinner table on his 1st New Year's Eve

Trying to get a picture with that hat on his head was a pain in the arse - he didn't wanna leave it on, lol...
  Ready for the (disappointing and painful to watch) football game!

Riding on daddy's shoulders!

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