Boob Tube Babble 01.27.12

Boob Tube BabbleIt seems most of my shows came back for a week or 2, post-Christmas hiatus, and now they're gone again for a week! What gives?!

So... since there were no new episodes of Glee, New Girl or The Office this week, Community and Walking Dead are on mid-season hiatus, and Game of Thrones doesn't return til April, the only show I watched this week (aside from PBS and Sprout programming or reruns on TBS of Seinfeld and The Office) was ABC's Once Upon a Time.

This week Mary Margret and David do their best to avoid each other, however their paths keep crossing no matter how much they try. Meanwhile, in fantasy-land flashbacks, we learn more backstory about Mary Margret and David's counterparts Snow White and Prince Charming, eventually seeing how Snow White came to live with the Seven Dwarves. It was quite sad!

Also, thoughts on who the stranger is supposed to be? So we learned that it's a typewriter he's toting around... but I had Jay babbling on with his toys in the room while the conversation with him and Emma was going on so maybe I missed it... is he supposed to be the narrator/author of the storybook? Is that what they implied?

This episode needed more Robert Carlyle too, as Mr. Gold or Rumpelstiltskin... either one. His presence was missed as he only appeared in 1 short scene!

What did you watch this week?

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