Where is the Love?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.

But apparently some people weren't feeling the love.

Me with our little valentine =)
Jay had his 1st doctor's appointment yesterday and while he seems to be perfectly healthy, we learned the results of his ultrasound that one of his kidney's is indeed blocked - something called Hydronephrosis - and we're meeting with a pediatric urologist in a few weeks to begin monitoring it and assessing it. Hopefully it's only mild and we can just continue monitoring it with hope that as he grows it'll unblock on its own (as often is the case), otherwise if it's serious we might have to consider surgery which I would rather not have happen.

Anyways, the gave us a prescription to give him for 30 days to prevent and treat any possible infection that might occur from urine or fluid being trapped in the kidney and unable to get out, so I stopped by Walgreens on our way home to drop it off, thinking hubby could pick it up on his way home from work.

As I'm coming around the entrance to Walgreens via the side alley there, I'm sitting at the stop sign waiting for this truck in the parking spot ahead to back out. Well, the guy is backing *really* fast and literally was coming within a foot or 2 of my front bumper so I blew my horn, making sure he saw me and didn't continue to back up over me! Not sure what his deal was but the guy stuck his big redneck arm out the window, flipping me off and yelling "f-you!" before peeling out of the parking lot! The people leaving the store seemed about as confused as I was.

Hubby also had an incident about an hour later when he went to pick up the prescription. Because Jay was new in their system, it took a little longer than normal to pick it up. The middle-aged woman in the car behind hubby was getting impatient and I guess she started yelling and screaming at him for taking too long, eventually flicking him off as well!

We didn't let that ruin our day though - my mom came over to watch Jay for the evening so hubby and I could go out for a nice dinner at Red Lobster just the 2 of us. Surprisingly I had never been to Red Lobster before - aside from cod and fishsticks, I didn't really eat much fish until the last few years when I discovered salmon. We got their 3 course meal for 2 for $30 and it was pretty good! We didn't exchange gifts this year - Jay's our little valentine this year =)

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

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