Flashback to First Kisses, part 4

For the past few weeks, after having seen the new Dentyne Ice campaign stating that the average person has 28 first kisses I decided to started a Flashback series, flashing back to my own "first kisses." 

After being home for the summer from my first year of college for a few weeks, Joe wasn't calling me back and things weren't going so well with the ex - he was confused about our relationship/friendship and said he was going to his mom's house for the weekend to think things over, as I wanted to get back together and he honestly wasn't sure what he wanted, if he ever wanted to see me again. He said he'd call me when got back at the end of the weekend, but he never did.

I was hurt and upset and started chatting online with the only person who was around at the time - a guy a friend of mine had introduced me a few months prior whom I met in person at an anime convention a few weeks prior. He talked with me a bit as I gushed my feelings, helping calm me down a bit. A few days later he said he had a good friend of his who had also come off a long-term relationship a few months prior and that we had quite a bit of interests - especially rock music - in common and he was wondering if he could give him my screenname. I figured it couldn't hurt and said sure, why not. Turns out, he had showed his friend my photo and his friend thought I was cute. We chatted online for a good week or so, staying up til all hours of the night/morning getting to know each other and "watching" late night music videos together as we chatted.

These guys lived about an hour and a half away though, even though the guy I had been talking to went to my college, and they decided to make a visit into town to take me and my friend (who had introduced me to the first guy) swing dancing one night, as my friend and I made a weekly effort to go that summer. It was a little awkward at first - I mean our only prior interaction really was chatting online - but we warmed up to each other. He came into town to visit at least once a week for the next few weeks and when I was spending my Monday evenings over at school working on the weekly summer newspaper he would drive over and meet me for my dinner break.

The 4 of us planned a trip to Six Flags near the end of the month and that was when he asked me to be his girlfriend - on their way over to pick us up, they stopped by school and grabbed a copy of my newspaper, as I had requested since I really wanted to see how it turned out. Flipping through it, a piece of printer paper with roses on it fell out, with the words "Will You Be My Girlfriend?" on it. He grinned, I smiled and that was that.

I'd like to say our first kiss happened later in the week - he had come into town for the day and we spent the majority of it watching movies and anime in my parent's basement. It was starting to get dark and he had to head home so I walked out to his car with him to give him a hug goodbye. It was then he asked if he could kiss me, which I said yes, and he did.

We spent 3 and a half years together (only the first 2 years were enjoyable though, as he got too sucked into WoW and became a lazyass, never wanting to go anywhere or do anything that required him to be away from his computer) before I came to my senses and eventually broke up with him. One of the things we both agreed on when we first started chatting online at the beginning was that neither of us saw the point in dating someone you couldn't see yourself eventually ending up with. Somewhere during our time together, I lost that vision and the one I had of a future with us together wasn't one that was too appealing to me.

The next I guy I've spent kisses on is well... I'm sure you can guess this one! But check in next week to see if you're right!

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