What's missing from this picture? It's just me - WITHOUT MY BIKE!!

So this past week I've been playing Sprakle, my goblin warlock, on my old roomie's server to pass the time when I don't feel like leveling one of my higher level toons.

The other day I started questing in new Aszhara as I didn't get that far in Beta. It's been pretty easy so far and there's a special goblin transportation speedway system so you can get to different areas in the zone easier too!

I also picked up herbalism on Sprakle, after learning last week just what a nice added bonus to XP it is having a gathering profession!

I've attempted the 4 lowbie instances on her too - Raging Chasm, Wailing Caverns, Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep. I have to go back and do Wailing Caverns and Shadowfang Keep again though for the quests as I got in groups that were already in progress and had killed the first boss already.

Not sure how I like the changes to Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep as the lower level versions now coincide with the heroic versions they made. In Deadmines I miss killing the likes of Van Cleef and the dual-wielding Tauren with his treasure chest. In Shadowfang Keep I missed the big doggie in the circlular room that drops his pelt as a cloak. Just kinda sad they felt they had to change the classic instances for the heroic ones rather than keep all the same bosses and just make it harder...

Also, I don't know if it's the battlegroup or what, but last night I kept grouping with some really annoying hunters!

In Deadmines, I'm assuming it was the guy's first toon and we couldn't vote to kick him because he was friends with our healer, but the guy was pulling EVERYTHING including mobs we were avoiding (getting us killed at times as he wasn't letting the tank pull and was pulling the wrong mobs giving us more than we could handle at once) as well as friendly yellow mobs, pissing them off and making them attack us. His dumbass also bugged one of the last bosses too as he was running around like an idiot rather than actually fighting the boss.

In Shadowfang Keep... 2 pairs of BoE green cloth gloves dropped. The first had stam and int on it and since they were a lot better than the 11 level quest reward ones I was wearing I rolled need. And so did the hunter, winning the item! I was like "dude, you wear cloth and need int? You're a hunter..." He tried to trade them to me but claimed it wouldn't let him. Then later a pair that had stam and spirit on it dropped. I rolled need as again, they were better than the ones I was wearing... and the hunter did too and again won the roll! I was kinda annoyed... especially since he wasn't wearing either of them! Then on the last boss he bugged him by standing up top rather than fighting down on the ground with the rest of us. Kinda annoying!

By the time I finished instancing last night (I had lots of free time thanks to Snowmaggeddon!) I was 1 kill away from level 19 and *really* wanted to hit level 20 before I logged so I could get my awesome goblin tricycle mount as I hadn't seen too many of them yet!

I went back to questing in Aszhara but the only 2 quests I had were grey and since the expansion you have to do all the quests in order to continue the quest chains and get later quests it seems, so I did them, taking longer than I was hoping to level as I wasn't getting XP for the grey mobs. But I did it and my quests are now green again - yay!

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