Snowmaggedon 2011 - the Snowpocalypse is upon us!

One of the local tattoo artists designed this
at the request of the Rock station jocks.
As I'm sure you've all heard, the midwest got hit pretty hard the last 24hours by a massive snowstorm - one of the largest in years!

The snow started Monday night, but stopped for a bit Tuesday morning before picking up and going into full-swing blizzard mode by 3pm. I was over at my parent's house from 3-430pm and just within in that time their front sidewalk and driveway were "gone" and there was a good inch or 2 on my car!

Hubby came home from his day job an hour early because of the weather and declared that UPS was shutting down the airhub for the night, as obviously there were going to be no planes flying in or out (they had also shutdown O'Hare last night too). Rarely does UPS close the entire hub like that!

We stayed in last night, playing video games (he played some CoD: Black Ops, while I played WoW).

The view out our building's front door at 3am - my car's the middle one on the left

This morning I woke up just before 8am, in the event that I had to go into work at 930am, however I had gotten a text message from the opening manager saying that the mall was closed today (it closed early last night too) and so obviously no work. Hubby got a call at 8am saying that they were going to delay work opening at Verizon til at least noon. I checked Facebook on my phone before going back to bed. Apparently, as of 8am, we had already gotten 13.5" of snow! One of my friend's posted that her husband had gotten stuck on his commute to work twice already since he left at 3am - fortunately he was able to turn back around and get home later this morning.

We woke up for good around 1030am to the sound of the snowplow working on our parking lot again and snow hitting up against our bedroom window - seriously, looking out our bedroom window, all you can see is snow up against it!
The view out our bedroom window

The view from our living room - that's a HUGE snowdrift!
Hubby got a call from one of the head guys at Verizon who lives out in the Chicago suburbs - he left work at the same time hubby did last night (5pm) and JUST NOW made it home at like 11am. Noon has come and gone and we haven't heard anything more about there being work for him today so we're just chillin' at home.

Our city has declared a "state of emergency" meaning that unless you have an emergency that requires you to be out on the roads, stay off them. Apparently there's tons of abandoned cars around ton too.

Hubby standing outside - that's our street.
Friends on Facebook have been posting some amusing stories though!

One guy said he literally had to pick his dog up and throw him into the snow to get him to go the bathroom as the dog hadn't gone since last night and had refused to go out 3 times when the door was open!

Another friend said she was woke up this morning by the police saying that her car was completely covered and that she needed to come out and clear it off, dig it out and try to move it before the plows came through and made it worse or possibly even plowed into her car as it looked like a snowmound!

It's been pretty crazy around here!

My car this morning

Our parking lot - hubby's car is the white Avenger next to the lime green Mustang
Hubby won't know for a few more hours if UPS is open tonight or not - I have my doctor's appointment in the morning too so I'll need to try and dig my car out at some point as well. Our street doesn't look too bad now, however there's a good foot or so of snow packed up behind my car that needs to be taken down so I can get out!

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