Flashback to First Kisses, part 5

For the past few weeks, after having seen the new Dentyne Ice campaign stating that the average person has 28 first kisses I decided to started a Flashback series, flashing back to my own "first kisses." 

The next I guy I've spent kisses on... if you guessed hubby you would be correct!

I've mentioned in the past our long history together, but for you newer readers, here's the "condensed" version.

We met right before Christmas 1997 when we were in 8th grade, as he approached me after Sunday School one morning, handing me a piece of paper (which turned out to be a love poem he wrote for me) before running off. We had an up-and-down rollercoaster friendship throughout high school. He had a crush on me for most of it, yet at the time I had a 2-week crush on him he claimed to be over me. We ran in the same circle of friends up at church and he was hurt when I started dating my first boyfriend, as it turns out they were friends from the church basketball league (which I didn't know til after the fact). After high school, when most of us went off to college, he was one of the few friends of mine from back home that actually bothered to stay in touch with me, via AIM and email - I thought I had a good sized set of friends from high school, but I guess when you go off to college and have to make more of an effort to keep in touch with people you learn who your real friends are. Anyways, we kept in touch online over the years, occasionally meeting up for lunch or sitting together at church on Sundays when I was back in town. Halfway through college, when I was with my college ex, he started coming down to visit once a month for a weekend, joining us for weekend-long stretches of mostly just playing WoW during the day and evening and drinking at night.

Around this time he had finally broken up for good with his psycho ex-girlfriend after her "baby's daddy" got out of jail and she promptly cheated on him (which we all knew was going to happen) and part of the reason for his frequent monthly visits was just to get away from it all, despite her still giving him hell. I felt bad for him, as he took it kind of hard. I went to a cousin's wedding that June though and had an epiphany - I hate the 80s movie Pretty in Pink.

In the movie, Molly Ringwald's character has her best guy friend Duckie in front of her the whole time - Duckie obviously is in love with her and is willing to do anything for her, yet she still wants the jock after he dumps her because of his popular friends. Knowing she still wants to go the prom to show the popular kids they didn't break her, Duckie offers to take her so she doesn't have to go alone, however once they get to the dance, the jock apologizes and she quickly blows off Duckie to get back together with him. I realized, hubby had always been like my version of Duckie, being a good friend throughout the years to me, always wishing deep down I'd give him a chance as he had to suffer watching me date other guys. I thought, he deserved a chance - why not?

And I'll admit, I started developing a bit of a crush on him that summer, looking forward to his monthly weekend visits. I was still with my ex though and at the time didn't have a good, valid reason to break-up with him though, so nothing came of us until the weeks before Christmas when I finally severed the tie with my ex. My ex and I took a 2 week break before the end of the semester so he could focus on his finals and I gave him the ultimatum to make an effort to find a job or else I was leaving as I was tired of his laziness. He did nothing the entire first week and didn't start to even go look for jobs or fill out applications until almost the end of the 2nd week. That was it. I was done. During the break, hubby and I started hanging out more, one on one, just as friends. He took me out for dinner a few times and we went to a few events in my hometown together too.

One night he kissed me.

We had just saw his younger brothers band play that night and drove through Taco Bell for a late dinner before he dropped me off. We were sitting in my parent's driveway, the radio playing in the background and we said goodnight. I went to go get out of the car when I felt him pull on my left arm and heard him say "wait." I turned back around to see what he wanted and he pulled me in for a kiss. It didn't last long, and I don't remember if I kissed back or not, but I remember it felt great. We both smiled, said goodnight, and said we'd see each other at church in the morning. I went into the house and my mom was there, sitting in the front room as I guess she had been watching out the front window, spying, after she heard my sister (who was spying from her window upstairs) let out a shriek "THEY'RE KISSING!!!" lol...

Things were over with my ex by this point and hubby and I officially started dating 2 days before Christmas 2006. Originally, we had talked about waiting a few months to start dating, so it didn't look like I was jumping from 1 relationship to the next nor did we want to hurt my ex's feelings as he considered hubby to be a friend of his (hubby didn't reciprocate the feeling though - he always thought my ex was a jerk and simply put up with him for my sake), but after a few weeks of acting like "friends with benefits" and spending time together, we both decided that neither of us really wanted to be single for the holidays when we didn't have to be. I texted him on my way to work (before texting while driving was illegal in our state, mind you!), asking him "Can I be yours forever?" He responded, "Forever and ever." And we spent our first Christmas together the next day, celebrating Christmas Eve with my family and then Christmas Day with his.

Now, that's been 5 "first kisses" I've had so far - remember I said I had 8?

The next 3 might come of a bit of a surprise to some of you... so I'll save it for our "surprising" conclusion - next week!

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