He flipped!

Just a quick post today, however we've reached a milestone!

Last night I put Jay down in his crib after daddy came home and fell asleep as he just wouldn't settle down in my arms and I wanted to go to sleep. I figured I'd put him in the crib and read for a little while until I heard him quiet down and go to sleep (he was babbling and scooting around I could hear).

Well I finished a chapter in my book and he was still  being noisy and now a little fussy so I went to go check on him - that's happened before where it turned it out he just popped his binky out of his mouth and was fussing cuz he wanted it back in.

At first I was little confused as to how he scooted himself 45-90degrees from where I had laid him down on his tummy (as I've mentioned before, Jay is a tummy sleeper). He was all smiles too and then it dawned on me - he was on his back, not his tummy how I had left him!!

He flipped himself over somehow!!

I stood there for a moment telling him how I proud I was of him, that he flipped all by himself... and then I flipped him back over so he could go to sleep and he was fine, passing out within minutes - I think he was just fussing and being all noisy to get my attention to come see what he did! LOL...

We have to wait and see if he does it again, this time when we're around to see him in action!

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