Just like Cinderella...

I'm sure by now you've all seen this image comparing the recent Royal Wedding to Disney's Cinderella, but I thought it was worth posting.


I *still* can't get over how Prince William's attire is soooo similar to that of Prince Charming's! I'm curious if it was planned, to be honest, as I recall during the ABC coverage they were commenting about how he wasn't wearing a different military branch dress outfit and some were disappointed by that. But after seeing the photo... makes you wonder!

And yes, I watched part of the Royal Wedding. I wasn't planning on getting caught up in it, figuring I might catch part of it just to say I saw it as it is a bit historical and I recall my mom recalling watching Princess Di's wedding all those years ago. Anyways, coverage started at 3am our time which is around the same time hubby gets home from work on the weekdays and if Little Man is still up he's usually getting his last bottle before bedtime then too. So I flipped over to ABC and started watching... and got glued to the TV til 5am. Luckily it started on time and I got to see Catherine's 4 minute walk down the aisle (OMG how nerve-wracking that must have been!) before we headed to bed and I saw the highlights of the rest throughout the day.

I must say, Catherine's dress was so pretty on her and her sister Pippa looked gorgeous! Also, I think Harry has surpassed William as "the cute one," as I remember growing up William was always the hot one while Harry looked a bit goofy! William is starting to look old now, in my opinion!


  1. I saw that comparison Cinderella on Reddit the other day. Someone photoshopped it to look like the Prince and Princesses.


    I was tricked too. Silly, me. I should've known it was a fake after seeing Cinderella with brown hair.

  2. It's Photoshopped. There's an image somewhere with the original.

  3. Hmm, I see now, certainly Cinderella did not have brown hair. Had me fooled for a bit, though!

    I hadn't planned on watching either, but I was working on a school project that required some downtime while my computer crunched numbers, so I figured I'd check it out. It was all so beautiful! And I agree about William vs. Harry.


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