Jay's 1st Easter and a brief update

Oh wow... haven't updated in like a week! My bad!

Last Tuesday they brought *most* of our living room furniture as the loveseat was on backorder or something and didn't get shipped out with the rest of it. Anyways, that's coming this Wednesday then all we'll need is the china cabinet and bookshelves so I can unpack and make it kinda homey in there... We finally got the basement pretty much unpacked and since we can now do stuff in our office I started unpacking and organizing in there tonight since Jay was cooperative and is just chillin' in his bouncy seat for a bit.

Last Thursday I went into the suburbs with my mom and sis and sis's boyfriend to do some shopping at Woodfield Mall. We found a nice dress for me that I wore for Easter and can wear for other special occasions where I need to look dressy in warmer weather. We tried to find a cute little suit for Jay to wear for Easter but unfortunately the smallest we could find everywhere was 6months. We did find a cute little sweater vest though so we just got that and I paired with a collared onesie and his khaki cargo shorts I bought him at work. We also took him to Build A Bear and made him Jedi Bear from Star Wars! It's sooo awesome!

He was such a well-behaved baby too - he spent most of the day in his stroller playing with his stroller toys, including this new bar of toys my mom had bought for him to play with when he was with her, but he got kinda attached to it throughout the day so she let us keep it since she had bought another. So proud of him though! He didn't nap much at all either so he crashed when we got home after daddy left for work and slept well into the next morning.

We're making progress with the crib - longest he's gone in there is 5hrs straight, although we got him to go 7 once, having to go in a few times to stick binky back in his mouth. Gotta admit though, it's weird for me not falling asleep with him on or next to me!

http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/224102_986993076109_30800316_45116306_4353483_n.jpgJay celebrated his 1st Easter this past weekend! We got him a basket, but since he's too young to dye eggs or eat candy we just filled it with the grass stuff and put a blue stuffed bunny in there and a "My First Bible" I bought at Barnes and Noble. We took him to church for the first time - he did really well! We missed most of the singing at the beginning and Jay fell asleep soon after we got there, with daddy holding him, waking up at the end of the service. He had plenty of people - friends of the family - cooing over him afterwards! We ended up joining my in-laws for Easter lunch at our usual spot, Texas Roadhouse, coming home for a couple hours so Jay and daddy could nap before going over to my parent's house for Easter dinner. We came home and took some pictures before our outfits got messed up!

http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/224850_987640628409_30800316_45129619_5578346_n.jpg http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/216257_987640573519_30800316_45129618_1539327_n.jpg

 So all in all, things are coming along. It's been really rainy out the last week with a nice break of sunshine on Easter only to get rainy again today and for the rest of the week so we haven't done any work outside yet, nor have we had a chance to go meet our neighbors! (The first week when it was nice out my allergies kept me indoors and it's been rainy ever since!) We find out next week about the results of Jay's kidney tests in Madison, if there is anything more to tell from them that we didn't already know! We also bought him some rice cereal and bowls as we figured we'll start that up in a week or so when he hits 3 months since his regular doctor said we could if we wanted to, just so he can start getting used to eating from a spoon so we when start real solids in the upcoming months he'll be used to a spoon and bowl.

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