Game of Thrones

This past Sunday HBO premiered their new original series - Game of Thrones.

I remember seeing previews for this one last summer/fall when we had HBO for True Blood and Entourage and thought it looked interesting but we weren't planning on keeping our HBO outside the summer months as it was at least $10/mo extra. Well when we bought the house we decided to just start fresh with a new Comcast account, signing up in my married name this time as the old account was in my maiden name. The package we got includes 6 months free of HBO, putting us through September so we'll have it this summer for True Blood and Entourage again... and hubby was excited as we got it just in time for this new Game of Thrones series.

I had never read Song of Ice and Fire books that the series is based on but apparently hubby has and a lot of my online friends that are into geeky and sci-fi stuff have been talking about the premiere of this new series on Twitter and in blogs for the past few weeks so of course I was curious.

We watched the premiere this past Sunday and it was interesting to say the least...

It takes place in a Medieval setting with kings and queens, lords and ladies... it's got drama, intrigue, mystery and scandal, romance... I'm sure there'll be action... seems like an interesting series as this one brother/sister family is plotting to retake their royal family's throne from the current king who is trying to join his house with the house of his lord's by marrying their teenage kids to each other...  oh and the queen is getting it on with her twin brother who's in love with her...


Anyone else a bit... surprised by the creepy brothers in this series? I mean you had Daenery's brother undressing her and commenting about how she has a woman's body now before he marries her off... and the queen's twin brother all into his sister...

I guess we'll see how this one unravels - from one of "spoilers" I read on Wiki, things definitely sound like they get interesting!

Should also note that Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage both star in this one!

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  1. Yes, Viserys does a great job of being totally creepy and unlikeable. But as for the queen's brother, the blame has to be shared with the queen herself. She was there of her own free will!

    I've read the first book in the series, and I just watched the pilot with my boyfriend who knows nothing about the series. He liked it a lot, and we're both excited about the series!


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