101 in 1001 progress update #3

I  haven't updated my 101 in 1001 in awhile... here's a bit of an update!

#4 - Watch at least 2 Netflix DVDs and 2 Instant Queue movies a month (8/66, 8/66)
As far as physical Netflix DVDs go, we've watched 2 in March - Easy A, which I wrote about not too long ago and was HILARIOUS, and Dinner for Schmucks which had its funny moments but overall wasn't that great of a movie.

For Instant Watch, I watched quite a bit these past 2 months: The Proposal, Labyrinth, Jesus Camp, Sunshine Cleaning, Arthur and The Other Guys. The Proposal was the stereotypical Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds rom-com I expected it to be, so no surprises there. I've seen Labyrinth before but was in the mood to watch it again and it's such a great classic fantasy film starring a young Jennifer Connolly and David Bowie and his infamous "bulge". Jesus Camp is a documentary taking a look at this Evangelical Christian group and how they teach/train their kids in a church and camp setting - being a Christian from an Evangelical background this documentary showed me nothing new, nor was it shocking... to me it was "normal" as I had grown up going to summer camp with a similar youth church service/program and youth group was pretty similar... I guess if you're not from that background it might seem a bit shocking, but I am so I didn't get what the big deal was people on my Facebook were making over it. Sunshine Cleaning was really good - stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt with Alan Arkin and Steve Zahn. Basically Amy is a former high school cheerleader turned cleaning maid and a single parent carrying on an affair with her high school sweetheart who's now a detective and married. Desperate to find a way to make more money to send her troubled son to a private school, her lover suggests she get involved in crime-scene clean-up, saying it's easy work but good money and she's more than qualified as she is a cleaning maid. She gets involved, starting her own crime-scene clean-up business with her junkie sister. Through the work though she comes to love it as she feels she helps the family of the victims move on, etc and she begins to take pride in her little cleaning business. Arthur I watched on a whim, as I've been bombarded with the commercials for the Russell Brand remake and was curious so I watched the Dudley Moore original. It was alright... not as funny as expected although I'm sure it probably was back in the early 80s! And The Other Guys... we watched this one the other night. Again, it was funny, but not great. I wouldn't recommend spending money on it but if you're bored and it's free it's not a bad one to waste time watching!

#40 - Buy a House & #43 - Own a dishwasher
It's official! Hubby and I are homeowners! We closed on the 7th and moved in the following weekend. We're still unpacking and have boxes still to take care of, however things are coming along! I LOVE having a dishwasher and it's nice having a washer and dryer that we can throw clothes in whenever without having to pay $3/wash&dry. While a house has noises of its own, it's nice not having loud neighbors up above us banging/stomping around at all hours of the day and night!

#42 - Mario-ize Jay's room
This one is in progress - I got the basic background layers of painting done in his room, I just need to go back and do the detail as I only had about a day before we moved stuff in. And of course we need more Mario decorative stuff too, but it's coming along!

#49 - Create a rec/play room
Our house kinda came with a rec room, but of course it's our stuff that makes it what it is. So far we have a nice entertainment center setup for watching TV and movies and playing video games. We also have a bar down here, a bookcase full of boardgames and an extra table and area that when Jay is bigger he can use to build puzzles, play games, build Legos or color on or use Play-Doh on. There's also a toybox bench down here too and we still have plenty of space for his toys when he's bigger and starts accumulating them!

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