Topher Grace's hilarious Disney audition

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a TBS junkie and when it comes to late night shows I tend to watch Conan O'Brian most nights.

A few weeks ago he had That 70's Show star Topher Grace come on to talk about his new HBO project and I gotta admit - his interview was pretty funny!

Below is the whole 8 minute video, including where he talks about running into Scott Bakula as a child and then years later as an adult as well as his recent audition to be in an animated Disney film (starting near the 5 minute mark of the video).

In the interview he mentions that when you audition for an animated Disney film they want to see if you can sing so part of the audition includes the actor/actress singing a song of their choice from the Disney catalog. Watch the video below as Topher hilariously shares what song he did!

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