101 in 1001 progress update #4

Well May (and April since I forgot that month's update) have come and gone - it's officially June 1st! Wow!

Let's check my 101 in 1001 progress for April/May

#4 - Watch at least 2 Netflix DVDs and 2 Instant Queue movies a month (9/66, 10/66)
As I mentioned in my last update, in April via Instant Watch we watched The Other Guys (which had its moments but overall wasn't that great). I also watched Toy Story 3 with my mom and sister as my mom hadn't seen it yet. I also watched Old Dogs with them in May. Old Dogs was pretty cute, as it's about Robin Williams being a former pro-athlete and John Travolta as his agent and the 2 are in business together and about to close a major deal with a company in Tokyo when Williams' ex wife whom he was briefly married to says she has to do a few weeks of jailtime and is desperate to have someone watch her kids (who are actually his kids!). It's basically him adjusting to fatherhood with Travolta as the "honorary uncle" sidekick while the 2 continue to close their business deal. It was cute and had some good laughs! As far as physical DVDs, we've watched The Social Network (which I thought was interesting and LOVED the music by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross), Salt (which was kinda meh), and Little Fockers (which was just okay - the kids were cute but the plot wasn't much).

#10 - Go to 10 restaurants we haven't been to before (3/10)
 Mommy and daddy got a night out and went to this Asian Bistro downtown called Bambo where we met up with some of hubby's UPS co-workers and watched some of their co-workers play in an acoustic 90s coverband. We didn't eat dinner there but we had dessert and it was pretty good!

18 - Read at least 15 (non-children) fiction books (3/15)
I actually read 2 in May! I finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, which came out at the beginning of May, and it only took me about a week and a half which isn't bad considering I don't get a lot of time to myself lately. I also downloaded Switched, the first book in the Trylle trilogy, to my Kindle app on my phone. It was a pretty easy read - I read it in a couple of days while Jay was napping or before I went to bed. Both were good reads.

26 - Get my bass guitar back
My sister showed up with it the other day - woot! Only took 9-10 months, lol...

29 - Have a date with hubby at least once a month (3/33)
Our night out to the Asian Bistro counts as this one, not to mention we also got away for an evening to catch a movie together (we went and saw Fast Five).

41 - Make said house “homey”
I'd say for now our house is about as homey as it's going to get! I'd say things look pretty nice and we got all the major stuff for the house on the inside that we need right now. Now it's time to work on the outside!

53 - Visit in person with a friend once a month (5/33)
I've gotten Jay and I in the habit of meeting with one of my close friends at least once a week to go for a walk. She has 2 young kids as well (a 4yr old and a 1yr old) so we push the kids in the strollers while we walk and talk for a bit.

55 - Have a movie night with mom or sis once a month (2/33)
As mentioned above, we watched both Toy Story 3 and Old Dogs together.

57 - Have family over for dinner once a year (1/3)
We hosted a Memorial Day cookout the other day for our family as hubby's parents were coming into town anyway since it's Monday night and his mom's gotten in the habit of spending Monday evenings with Jay and my parents always cookout on Memorial Day so since we just bought a grill of our own, we decided we'd host it at our new house this year! It went pretty well! We all pitched in some meat, I made the corn and brownies, my mom brought her awesome potato salad and my mother-in-law brought chips, some beverages, beans and a dessert (Sin a Bowl aka Death By Chocolate). It was a good time!

60 - Go to church at least once a month (2/33)
In April we went for Easter service since Jay's big enough now and in May we went at least twice.

63 - Donate clothes to charity twice a year (1/6)
We donated more than just clothes too as when we moved we found a bunch of stuff in storage as well that we never use so figured might as well give it away!

75 - Try the 30 Day Shred
I mentioned at the beginning of May I had started this... unfortunately it only lasted a week. I had to stop as apparently I have bad knees and just the up and down of the circuits as well as some of the cardio exercises were just too much for them - they'd hurt so much and I'd have trouble walking a bit afterwards too so I figured it'd be best to stop before I messed my knees up anymore. I've been going for walks at least once a week though, pushing the stroller and I probably should do some weights and ab exercises too. It's a great exercise if you can do it! Unfortunately my knees won't let me =/

78 - Go for a walk at least once a week when weather is nice
Been doing this! And even if it's not nice out, if my friend is available we'll go and do laps around the upper level of the mall for an hour at least.

79 - Exercise at least once a week
Walking counts!

92 - Host a Mary Kay party once a year (1/3)
I did this one in May and it turned out pretty well! Everyone seemed like they had fun and I got stocked up on my make-up and earned some goodies for free too! Seriously, if you need make-up, host a Mary Kay party! They have this option where you can get $75 worth of product for $35 and you earn a percentage of products based on sales from your party. For $44 I got like $150 worth of make-up! Talk about a deal! I highly encourage you guys to do this - if you're in my area lemme know and I'll give you my rep's name!

100 - Go shopping at Woodfield Mall once a year (1/3)
We did this in April while my sister was on spring break - Jay and I joined her, her boyfriend and my mom and went shopping for the day. I got myself a nice special occasion dress I wore for Easter and we took Jay to Build-A-Bear and got him Jedi Bear! He also behaved really well, not really fussing much at all, and spent most of the time in his stroller playing with his new stroller bar toys!

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