Kids Say the Darndest Things

As I once overheard a friend tell her fiance, I'm sorta of a queen when it comes to getting stuff for free or cheap. My "secret" is I have a few good survey sites I regularly take surveys for rewards and stuff and until it recently shutdown I was also a regular on VH1's focus group VH1VIPs where I was VIP of the Month or a runner-up multiple times, getting various Amazon.com giftcards.

The one rewards site I enjoy doing surveys on is called eRewards and while you don't get cash, you can earn giftcards and the like. I often get Gamestop cards or Borders Rewards points on that one. This last time I "cashed out" though I had about $80 worth of points to redeem, with $70 that would expire in the next few months if I didn't use them, so I cashed out what I could (you can only get 1 Gamestop giftcard per quarter and I think Borders is the same too). Since I had some spare points that were "use or lose" I decided to spend some for a year subscription to Parents magazine.

My 1st issue came just the other day and I flipped through it the other night (with Jay grabbing or kicking at *every* page - he's such a little stinker, lol...).

On the last page there's a section where parents can submit funny things their child has said - here's some of the more amusing ones:
Sight Seeing
We were out to dinner when a man with a spiked Mohawk walked past our table. My son Jack, 2, pointed at him and yelled "Dinosaur!"

Dirty Laundry
I was in my bedroom when my 2 year old daughter Peyton came in and asked what I was doing. "I'm changing mommy and daddy's sheets," I said. She replied "Oh okay. You pee-peed on them too?"

Acting Out
My 5-year old son Matthew came out of his bedroom holding his Star Wars Monopoly game which we keep on top of his tallest mirrored dresser. I reminded him that it's not safe to climb on the furniture and asked if that was what he did. "Nope," he told me with a grin. "I used The Force, Mom."

Watch Your Step
I asked my daughter Avery, 3, if she could behave while I hopped in the shower. She looked at me, terrified, and said "Please don't hop in the shower mommy. You might get hurt!"

Make Room
My husband and I were getting ready for vacation when I said that the only thing left to do was pack the car. My 2-year old son Isaiah started laughing and said "Mommy, you're so silly - the car's too big to fit in the suitcase!"
-From Parents magazine, July 2011

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  1. Hahaha! "Dinosaur!" Too good.

    Also, gotta love the cheeky kid who "used the Force".


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