Some Awesome Deals!

Today was a busy day, but in a good way.

Jay got to spend the afternoon at Grammie's while mommy ran some errands.

I had to stop at the bank, the DMV to get hubby's car sticker renewed (it expired yesterday - oops!), and drop off our signed/initialed copy of our offer on the house to our realtor.

I also saw that Toys R Us had the new Bambi DVD and were giving away free mini Bambi plushies with the purchase, however by the time I got there they were out as they didn't get that many. I was a bit bummed as I really wanted to get the Bambi plushie for Jay. I had to go to Target anyway to return a nursing bra I never wore and decided to just buy the movie there since it'd probably be cheaper anyway.

I got quite a few good deals there too!

http://img2.imagesbn.com/images/41860000/41868692.JPGMy grandparents had sent Jay $5 for Valentine's Day and then a nice check as well just for him being born. I ended up getting the Bambi movie for $12.99 as Target had it for $22.99 and then I had a coupon I found online for $10 off it! I also got the Sesame Street "Follow That Bird" movie from the 80s that I loved to watch when I was little for only $5. I also used Jay's $5 to buy another board book for him - Sesame Street's "Shake a Leg." I read it to him tonight - he's able to look around and focus on things a bit better now so he was looking at the pages as I read it and told him who all the characters were too and since the book is about moving around different parts of your body I would pat his head when it said to, shake his leg, etc - he had this look like "mommy, what are you doing?" but it was fun!

I also got a REALLY good deal on this 3-in-1 activity booster seat too! I saw it at Toys/Babies R Us when I stopped over there and they had it on sale for $39.99. I debated picking it up with the money my grandparents had sent, as I did want to get him a little activity thing like that (my friend's kid has this big exersaucer activity thing that her daughter loved and it seemed like a neat baby toy!) but I figured I'd see what Target had first since they're cheaper. Well, looking around the baby department, I came across the same one on a bottom shelf and the only tag for that brand said $12.98 so of course I grabbed it as there were only 2 left! Shocked, I stopped by a price check machine but it said it was $44.98. I figured I'd take it up front and see if they could tell me which was the actual price. The return price came up as $12.48 but it said the actual price was $44.98. Confused by the tag on the rack though, I mentioned it and they had someone go check and sure enough, the only tag for that brand of item said $12.98 so they gave it to me for that price!! The neat thing about this one is that it works alone as a seat, or it can be an activity seat and it can be a booster seat! Jay can't quite use it yet, as he can't sit up on his own yet, but soon!

I also found a St. Patrick's Day onesie for him too - it's green and says "Irish (I wish) you would KISS ME!"

Jay still has quite a bit of money to spend on himself from his great grandparents but I figured I'd hang onto it for now until we found something worthwhile to spend it on.

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