Parental Ponderings

Two thoughts that occurred to me this week:

1) Only do babies and hilarious old folks poop their pants with a huge grin on their face.

2) From the time of conception worrying about your child starts.
The whole time you're pregnant you worry about if everything is okay on the inside there, you worry about doing something wrong that could bring tragic results or harm to your little one in utereo. After they're born you worry about if they're eating enough, growing enough... you worry about the big scary SIDS acronym as it seems the list of things that cause it is growing daily - is your baby going to be a victim of it. Then when they get older you have to worry about the dangers of the world they're innocently being exposed to - them being kidnapped or taken advantage of by a predator... and of course as they grow up and into their teens all the mess of stuff to worry about that it seems like kids these days are getting involved with earlier and earlier in life... once the worrying starts, doesn't seem like it'll ever stop as you'll even worry about them when they're an adult.

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