Late night updating

So I should be sleeping since Jay's asleep and we have to be up early but I'm not really all that tired right now...

Friday was my post-partum check-up at the OBGYN and it went very well!

They weighed me and with shoes on I'm down to 172 from my max pregnancy weight of 193 (with boots on). My pre-pregnancy weight was 162 or 164 (I'm not entirely sure which), so I'm not too far away from getting back there! At least 20lbs in 6 weeks though... wow! I already need new jeans too - my size 12s are too loose on me and the only pair of 11s I have run small so I can't quite fit in em.

The nurse practitioner I met with said my tear healed beautifully - she said to be honest she couldn't even tell I had had a tear, that's how well it healed! She gave me the "okay" for everything though and wrote me a note so I can get back on the schedule at The Children's Place and she filled my prescription for my birth control pills. They want me to come back in 6 months for an annual pap as well as a blood test to check for the gestational diabetes stuff rather than have to sit around and do the drink again.

Without going into too much detail, since we got the go ahead, hubby and I had a go at things right away. Everyone had warned me it was going to hurt A LOT, and I'll admit, it did hurt a little bit however we eased into it and it wasn't too bad... honestly, doing it after my LEEP surgery hurt a lot worse!

This weekend we started packing up our apartment in anticipation for our upcoming move in a few weeks - we made a pretty nice dent in things!

We bought a basic 1 gallon humidifier too at Walmart - it seems to be helping, Jay hasn't woken up with a stuffy nose since we started using it!

We also gave Jay his weekend bath last night... and at the end of it, Little Man decided the tub needed to be turned into a fountain! It was the funniest thing ever and his facial expression (his surprised "whoa" face where he gets all big and wide-eyed and his mouth makes an O shape) made it even funnier! And he didn't just shoot pee up once, but twice! Hubby and I both about died laughing! Seriously, considering he only has 1 working kidney at the moment, he pees A LOT and seems to get a good range on it too!

This morning I'm taking Jay to Grammie's Grandma Shower that her ladies she meets with on Mondays for coffee are throwing her - they were going to throw it at the beginning of February but Jay was born around the time they had originally planned and then we had the hospital mess too when they rescheduled it... since he's here now though they've invited me to come and bring him too so we're doing that early this morning. Then later today in the afternoon we have our home inspection - hopefully everything goes well with it!

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