Flashback to First Kisses, the conclusion

For the past few weeks, after having seen the new Dentyne Ice campaign stating that the average person has 28 first kisses I decided to started a Flashback series, flashing back to my own "first kisses." This is the series conclusion - hope you enjoyed it!

The 3 remaining "first kisses" I've had... well, not gonna lie - I drink alcohol from time to time (save for these last 9 months of course!), and I did drink a bit in college and while I lived down in school...

Just to be clear, I'm not a lesbian or even bi, but I did have a few "first kisses" with the fairer sex.

The first was with my high school best friend. We were at a party, having a good time (it was quite a crazy fun night, despite me getting really sick at the end of it) and we were sitting around on the stairs between the 1st and 2nd floors of the townhouse. I don't remember why and I was drunk, but I got the urge to be silly and kiss her, so I did. It caught her off guard at first and apparently one of the guys that lived there (who liked me a lot and always let me drink there for free) came around the upstairs corner and caught it too. He had a typical guy reaction and just for fun, we kissed again just to get a rise out of him as we thought his reaction was hilarious! And that was that - nothing more happened. Just drunk and being silly with a friend.

Another female "first kiss" was shared with my long-term roommate on New Years one year. We went to a New Years party with some friends and our boyfriends (which for me was with hubby at the time). Midnight came and went, I didn't remember how it happened, but I think one of our boyfriends dared us to kiss, so we were like "okay, whatever" and did. Again, completely innocent and just us being silly as most guys always seem to have the most hilarious reactions to it - hubby included (he's the type that pulls out the camera! lol...).

And the third... the girl from Walmart.

This happened just post-college. Hubby and I were invited by high school ex to a friend's birthday party. High school ex's good friend and former roommate (whom I knew from our freshman year there as they were neighbors in the dorms that year) was telling me about how he liked this girl that was there, but didn't know if she was single or if she liked him. I told him I'd try to find out and see if I could get her to spend some time with him. I got to talking with her and learned she worked at Walmart (we both thought the other looked familiar - she had recognized me coming in there late nights during the week with my fellow theater managers, picking up snacks for our screenings). After a few minutes, she said she knew I was trying to get info for my friend, as she was aware he liked her, but that she had a boyfriend and just wasn't interested.

I don't remember how we ended up kissing - some match maker, I am, right? Tried to hook her up with a friend and well, I'm the one that ended up kissing her! Ooops! It wasn't really a big deal though and yeah... we were both drunk - like Jaime Foxx and the song goes, I blame it on the alcohol - and I'm someone probably dared us to it.

And no, it's not like I do everything I'm "dared" to do - I just don't see a simple kiss with another female, especially when I'm clearly straight, to be that big a deal, I just think the reactions from the guys (hubby included) are pretty amusing and hilarious!

So that concludes our Flashback to First Kisses series and brings my total to 8 - not really sure where Dentyne Ice is getting their statistics from, but 28 "first kisses" seems like quite a bit!

What do you think about that claim?
How many "first kisses" have you had?

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