Houses, movies, Friday and apps

So it's been a few weeks since I've last updated - my apologies!

Anyways, we've been keeping busy with various doctor appointments and house-hunt related stuff.

So it's official - as long as nothing happens with the seller, we're closing on the house sometime during the first week of April! How exciting!

We got it in a light tan/mocha color
We also bought our living room furniture too, or well, at least put a deposit on it. Slumberland has their Mega Sale - 55% off stuff - going on through this week and they had some really nice 5 piece living room sets (a sofa, loveseat, 2 end tables and a coffee table) for under $1000 so naturally we jumped at the chance as it really is a good deal and we need furniture for our front room upstairs since the majority of our furniture is going in the rec room downstairs. We're planning on putting it on our credit card but have to wait til after we close so it doesn't screw up hubby's credit any, but that works out as they have to order it from the manufacturer warehouse and won't be in til around our closing date anyway.

We had the home inspection this past Monday and it went well - no major surprises, just a few smaller things that we can do ourselves or have my dad and uncle help out with. We're also shopping around for a fridge and washer/dryer too and I plan on painting Jay's room all Super Mario Bros-esque - I'll be sure to post pics!

I had my post-partum 6 week check-up at the OBGYN last week too and they said everything looks good so I'm good to go back to work - I find out tomorrow if I'm back on the schedule or not yet. I'm also down at least 20lbs from my max preggo weight! Woot! 10 more pounds to go and I'll be back to my pre-preggo weight! I've been trying to go walking once a week (either at the mall or out on the walking path, which I'm really going to miss once we move) and I'm thinking of starting the 30 Day Shred in May, as we're going to be busy with moving at the beginning of April plus the doctor said to ease into working out and don't start out with anything too crazy right away.

Other than that not too much of importance has been going on.

http://mymoviecinema.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/easy-a-poster_2-535x684.jpgWe watched the movie Easy A the other day as it was our Netflix movie. Gotta admit, it was a lot better than I was expecting! To be honest, the witty and quick dialogue as well as the humor in it reminded me of Mean Girls, which was another really good recent high school comedy. If you liked Mean Girls I definitely recommend checking out Easy A. The cast was pretty good too, with familiar faces such as Emma Stone (as this movie is her breakout vessel), Amanda Bynes, Stanley Tucci, Thomas Hayden Christensen (whom I will always think of as Ned from Fox's old school "Ned and Stacy" sitcom), Lisa Kudrow and Malcolm McDowell.

And if you haven't heard the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black go check it out (if you can handle it). It really is one of the worst songs ever! The entire song from start to finish is auto-tuned and unlike with "singers" such as Ke$ha, they don't even try to hide it! And the lyrics... omg they're hilariously bad! My favorite is the part that's all "we so excited!" as they were too lazy to include "are" and decided a fragmented sentence like that was fine! And then there's the random rap near the end too that has not much of anything to do with the song! It's too funny! Apparently there's a deathmetal parody version of the song too that's completely hilarious as well!

One one last note - hubby found a really neat app last week called AudioGalaxy. What it does is, via the internet, syncs your phone with your computer's music files so you can listen to any song on your computer on your phone no matter where you are, so long as you have the AudioGalaxy program running on your computer and your phone - you get to choose with music files you want it to "share" with your phone and it streams it through the network! So rather than upload/import your music files onto your phone and taking up space you can just use AudioGalaxy to listen to your music on your computer while you're out walking or driving or even at work! How neat is that?? I know it's in the Android Market, not sure about the iPhone one though as I don't pay attention to iPhone stuff.

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