Wiki Famous!

Just had to take a second here and brag....


My mom brought it to our attention the other night as I guess she was trying to describe Gunpowder Fantasy to one of her weekly coffee ladies and when she did a Google search for more info it took her to the Historical Fantasy page on Wiki and listed it as a sub-genre. Under the Gunpowder Fantasy section it lists 3 examples of Gunpowder Fantasy authors - one of which is hubby!!!

How neat is that?

And no, he didn't edit himself into the Wiki page, I asked. It was just as much a surprise to him as it was to the rest of us =)

One of the other guys it lists is an older gentleman who mostly writes Warhammer novels for Games Workshop. So hubby's in good company it seems!

But yeah, here it is if you'd like to check out the Wiki page! It has a link right to hubby's website too which has all the info about his Gunpowder Fantasy series.

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