Riddick Review

Yesterday hubby and I went to see the latest installment in Vin Diesel's Riddick franchise.

I gotta say, while it was entertaining, I was a bit disappointed - it basically felt like a Pitch Black reboot.

It starts out with Riddick injured and left for dead on a strange desolate planet. In a brief flashback we see how he came to no longer be the Necromonger Lord Marshall that he was awarded at the end of Chronicles of Riddick and how he got stuck on this new planet. The first portion of the film is basically Riddick tending to his wounds and living off the land with a dingo pup while fighting off the planet's predator creatures. Then he sees a storm brewing and with the storm, comes deadly predators (kinda like in Pitch Black, with the darkness comes the predators) so it's time to make an exit off the planet. He lures some bounty hunters to his location with a plan of commandeering one of their ships to make his escape.

So in short, the majority of the film is Riddick trying to get off the planet before all hell breaks loose, just like in the first film of the series.

Yeah... I was disappointed.

Even in Chronicles he got trapped on a planet he had to escape from but it didn't take up the whole movie.

In this one, the plot barely moves forward.

I would have liked to have seen more between Riddick and Vakko (Karl Urban) and the Necromongers and his quest to find Furya...

I did like the interaction between him and his pet dingo dog, despite the animal's fate being predictable.

Any of you guys see it yet? Thoughts?

By the way, this meme totally cracks me up:

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