Fun with Our Phones Monday #6

A bit late, but it's still Monday!

He's currently crazy about the show Super Why and I have NO IDEA why as it's a show that teaches words and spelling and yeah... goes over his head, but this past week he seems to LOVE it as he'll sit for the whole 20-25 minutes and watch it! Here he is, leaning over my lap and watching Super Why, lol...
Playing around in his walker in the basement as we watched the Cowboys Monday Night Football game against division rivals the Redskins (we won, woot!)
He didn't take much a late afternoon nap (he currently takes an early afternoon nap and a late afternoon nap) so he was completely passed out for the night by 930 - he doesn't usually fall asleep for the night until 11/1130.
A bit of red eye - doh! I took him to play at Sapora again last week. He was still pretty glued to me, but enjoyed playing on the net and with the noodles again like he did last week.
That darn cat, lol... Tiger decided to make a house for herself using Jay's toy bin in the family room, lol...
We went to Red Robin the other night and had some pretty fail service and interactions with the waitstaff. But anyway, I took a few cute pics of hubby and Jay together. People on Facebook say they look a lot alike in this one!
Jay LOVES his Gerber Graduate Puffies (strawberry apple blend).
That's one way to watch TV!
He's been pulling himself up A LOT lately. I put him down in his crib to go to sleep and in 2 seconds flat he was up on his feet, holding onto the side. I called hubby in, we took a few pics and then promptly lowered the mattress. Again. (We just lowered it maybe a month or so ago!).


What's your thoughts?