8 Months!

Jay is 8 months today.


I literally *just* got used to telling people he was 7 months when they asked and now... 8 months!

Time is just flying it seems!

"Look at me, in my big boy car seat!"
We put him in his big boy car seat yesterday! We haven't been using the carrier much lately anyway, aside from carrying him to and from the car, so hubby decided we should just use the regular car seat now instead. Seems to be a smooth transition so far!

Jay's learned how to pull himself up this month and as long as there's an object near by that's solid enough, he'll pull himself up to his knees and then his feet to stand.

We think he's going to skip the "official" crawling, as he seems quite content with military crawling and boy does he go! He's gotten quite fast this last month!

He also took a few steps last weekend while holding onto things. I was laying on the couch, daddy was laying on the floor with him when he crawled over to the edge of the couch by me and pulled himself up to his feet. Holding onto my hand and using daddy's legs like a railing, he took a few steps from the couch to the coffee table! We were so excited for him!

We're also counting his 1st official word as "hi", as he said it to both of us several times the other night! We've heard him say a few words here and there, but he never really repeated them like he did the other night when we tried to get him to say them again.

He has 5 teeth now, with a 6th one on the verge of breaking through at anytime now and he's been chewing his snacks and other little pieces of food we give him to try, so he seems to be getting the hang of chewing!

We have to watch him like a hawk when he's eating his bottle, as he likes to sneak it out of his mouth and squeeze the nipple to make the milk spray all over the place (and his reaction to it hitting him in the face every time is quite hilarious!).

He currently still eats 1/2 a cup of rice cereal with apple with 1/2 cup of formula plus the remainder of the 8oz bottle used to mix the cereal for breakfast. For lunch he eats a 2.5oz jar of chicken and apple puree with 4-6oz of formula. Dinner is a 3.5oz jar of veggie and meat puree (either vegetable beef or sweet potatoes and turkey) with a 3.5oz jar of fruit plus 4-6oz of formula. And before bed he gets a bottle where he drinks anywhere from 4-8oz depending on his appetite. He's turning into quite the little eater!

He's still sleeping well - most night falling asleep between 11-1130pm and sleeping til 930-11am, depending how tired he is. He also takes an early afternoon nap (usually by 1pm he's asleep again) for 30-60minutes on average and then a late afternoon nap (usually sometime after 5pm) for nearly an hour on average.

We went last week to get some fabric so my mom can start working on his 1st Halloween costume (not telling what it is yet, but it is Star Wars themed!)

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