First Haircut & First Walker

Some more firsts for Jay this week!

Last Monday he had his first haircut!

I know some babies that don't get their 1st haircut to closer to their 1st birthdays, however Jay had quite the baby mullet going on (I'm sure it could have rivaled Billy Ray Cyrus' in his "Achy Breaky" days!). Hubby's mom brought her hair cutting stuff with her when she came for her weekly Monday visit and went ahead and cut it. I wasn't there - unfortunately I had to work that night, but hubby took video of it and it was quite amusing! Jay freaked out, like it was the most traumatic thing ever! He *really* did not like the cape she put on him and stopped fussing for a moment when she went to get the buzzer, but royally freaked out again when he realized she was putting it to the back of his head! LOL...

http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/281487_10100177676556859_30800316_45973134_5850788_n.jpgWe also finally got him a baby walker after taking forever to find one I liked that didn't have a buttload of toys on the tray (I swear it's impossible to find just a plain simple walker with nothing on the tray like the one I had as a baby!). He seems to enjoy it - at first he didn't realize he could move himself around in it, and now he's figured out how to push himself backwards - still hasn't really figured out going forward yet though! He's only used it in the alley way of the kitchen so far - we need to order a gate for our stairs, which he can't get to from the kitchen and we supervise him the entire time he's using it. It seems to have been a good buy though!

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