My thoughts on the Balloon Boy

So the other day, the world all watched as a balloon traveled like 50 miles across Colorado, hoping and praying that little Falcon was safe. Supposidly, little Falcon's siblings say they saw him untie and climb into their father's balloon which was being used for some science experiment.

When the balloon came down, there was no sign of the little boy - did he fall out? What happened to the basket? Where could he be?!

A few hours later, it was learned that little Falcon had been hiding the whole time in an attic above the garage.

Later the night, the family made an appearance on Larry King Live. The parents asked the little boy if he heard them calling for him when they were running around looking for him. "Yes..." said little Falcon. "You did?! Why didn't you come out when you heard us calling for you?" asks one of Falcon's parents.

"Because you had said we were doing this for the show." Falcon responds. Dad then quickly begins talking about something else.

Later on in the Larry King interview, the interviewer asks if Falcon can clarify what he meant when he said "we did this for the show" and the dad gets all flustered, then defensive and acting offensive at the question, trying to explain that they had been on Wife Swap twice before and that Falcon might have been referring to that show.

Days later, various people connected to dear old dad, come forward, saying that them and the dad had been trying to pitch a science-related reality show to various networks, and part of it was to involve a giant balloon like the one Falcon was believed to have climbed into.

As much as the family denied it being a hoax when it first happened and even after the Larry King interview, obviously it wasn't.

I think they should be ashamed of themselves - the hours of people's time they wasted, while everyone watched on tv, to the authorities who helped search for little Falcon. They should have to foot the bill for the gov't and taxpayers money that was wasted in this faux search for their son, who was obviously safe and hiding in the attic the whole time.

The things people do to get on tv these days... and really - did they think they were going to get away with it too?


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