Oh, the People of Walmart...

Just recently, a friend online introduced me to a humorous site, simply titled PeopleofWalmart.com.

I have added this site to my regular daily internet surfing routine.

The premise is simple - regular people like you and me go to Walmart and take pictures of some of the craziest looking people (or vehicles) that you would only see somewhere like Walmart and post them to the site.

Some of the attire these people wear... well some are just straight up kooky and outrageous, while others... well... why would you go out in shorts that don't even cover your butt and if you weigh like 200lbs and have a huge gut, wear revealing clothes?! Sorry but whoever told you that was a good idea to wear something like that out in public... they're probably laughing at you!

Other fun sites to visit for interesting reads that I've learned about lately are FML.com (f-my life), where people share brief posts about something terribly bad that ruined their day, MLIA.com (my life is average), similar to FML, but instead of terrible things that happened, these people share humorous stories that happened during their day that often make you smile. Another fun one is emailsfromcrazypeople.com, where people share some rather interesting emails they have gotten!

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