Tiger, meet Catnip

My kitty, Tiger, turns 1 near the end of the month.

So today I went ahead and upgraded her cat food, since we ran out this morning, and put her on Science Diet's 1-6 year Indoor Cat food since she's no longer a baby! She sniffed at it and licked it and I think ate a few pieces of it, so she should make the transition from Kitten to 1-6 year old kibble alright.

PetSmart sent her a birthday card with a coupon for 1 free tree to celebrate with - it was a bit odd seeing my kitty's name on a piece of mail!

Tiger also had her first interaction with catnip today. I had read somewhere that you don't want to give catnip to them when they're real little for some reason or another, but I figured being almost 1 year old was okay to introduce it.

PetCo had a Halloween display with a bunch of pet toys and costumes (I would have gotten her either the vampire cape or the pirate hat with dreads if they were in of our budget!). I bought her a little catnip and crinkle filled pumpkin plushie for $1.50 - probably the best $1.50 I've spent in awhile!

Tiger was laying across the couch when I gave it to her. Usually with new food and toys she'll sniff at it and either lick or pat it to check it out first, but not this time - she laid right into it! She must have bit and played with that toy for a good 20 minutes or so before she wore herself out! It was hilarious watching her! At one point, I went to pick it up and bring it into the other room and she a death grip on it! LOL...

The picture on the right is from the first night we had her, near the beginning of December. She was approximately 7 weeks old and hid under the end table most of the night; she was scared of her new home, mommy and daddy. We made a trail of kibble (as seen in the photo) to try and lure her out, which would cause her to peak her head out.

Nowadays, she can't even fit under that end table - she'd get stuck if she tried! I don't even remember when she got so big! She's nearly full grown now! Look how little her paws were! Now, when she stretches them out, they're nearly the size of her face!

Ah, my furbaby is growing up!

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