Got fleas?

Last week we took Jay to the immediate care clinic Friday evening after I got home from work, as when I picked him up from my mom's she said pointed out that he had been scratching his scalp so much that he was causing it to bleed and scab.

Turns out, my kid has fleas.


So yeah... we think what happened is that the dog got em as her flea collar fell off a week or so prior to this and she was rolling around on the carpet, scratching, etc... and Jay plays on the carpet, also rolling around so yeah... he probably got them that way. Found a few in my hair but not nearly to the degree that Jay has.

We've been fighting that battle this past week, washing our hair with the dog's flea and tick shampoo (which the smell almost made me nauseous at work the other night!). We also "bug bombed" the house last weekend to kill em all off but who knows... we might have to do it again.

My poor baby though... it's funny to say "my kid has fleas" but at the same time, makes me sad.

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